7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Background Screening Company

August 18 2021
3 min read

If you’ve been looking for a background screening provider, you’ve probably noticed it’s a crowded marketplace. With so many companies, it can get confusing over who would make the right partner.

Here’s a list of seven questions to help you find a provider that can give you a stress-free background check experience:

How much experience does the company have doing background checks?

Experience is important in any industry. It’s even more important when the industry is heavily regulated. It is best to have someone who partners with you to understand your hiring process, and is on top of all the compliance requirements

While there are many firms in the industry, few have the same experience level as Orange Tree Screening. We’ve developed a reputation of making background screening, drug testing, verifications, and occupational health services both fast and easy.

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Does the company offer to work with you to set up a background check process that fits your needs instead of selling you an all-in-one package?

One of the benefits of working with Orange Tree is our process. You may select the services you need without having to waste time or money.

We do our job so you can do yours. Our award-winning technology delivers speed that you and your candidates will love.

What types of screening does the company do?

Orange Tree provides a complete list of background screening services for companies like yours. Here are some of the services we provide:

Does the offering include more complex processes like adjudication and adverse actions, continuous monitoring and international screening?

Orange Tree is a full-service background check and screening company. We routinely handle adverse actions and adjudication, continuous monitoring, and international screening for our clients.

You will want to work with a veteran firm in these situations due to the complexity involved.

What does the company do to improve turnaround times so you can make hiring decisions faster?

At Orange Tree, we have a full team of experts in every facet of the business. From compliance to technology, we are fully focused on making speed a reality. We utilize both human and artificial intelligence.

One example is that we’ve invested heavily in our CandidateConnect® platform. Candidates handle data entry activities and can access their information and upload documents with their mobile phone. It also starts a background check in less than 3 seconds via a text to the candidate. This action alone has reduced turnaround time for our clients by a full day on average.

Another example is how we automate compliance. Authorization and disclosure forms, adverse action letters, and federal and state disclosures are all seamlessly integrated. Our e-signature capabilities allow the applicant to give consent right from their phone.

Does the vendor’s platform integrate directly with your ATS?

Our client portal integrates with your ATS. That reduces turnaround time and makes it easy for you because all screening tasks and tools are in one location. Our customer-friendly platform is also optimized for mobile devices as well as integrating with your ATS.

We also offer a web-based portal that runs the whole process if you are not currently using an ATS system.

What type of client service does the vendor offer?

Orange Tree has a responsive client service that features subject matter experts who can answer your most difficult questions. Our dedicated candidate support team takes care of your background checks so that you can focus on other priorities.

Be careful of companies where you are just a number, fitting into their program. Instead, have a free consultation with Orange Tree Screening, where your success is our focus.

Schedule a call to learn how we can help you maintain a consistent and compliant hiring process.

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