Why Orange Tree? 

Because You Expect Fast and Easy

We know that you're in a race to fill open positions.  We provide fast and easy background checks so you can hire quickly.

We design and deliver background screening programs in your best interest. Our passion is to become your teammate and trusted partner. 

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Your Business Matters 

When it comes to filling open positions, don’t settle for a bad experience. 

We excel in areas that matter most to you: technology, compliance, and service.

Orange Tree Solves Problems
Do you feel underserved by your current background provider? 
Are background checks taking too long?
Do you waste time on hold with a call center?
Fast Turnaround Time

95% of our criminal checks are done in 2 hours.

Responsive Service

95% of our requests are handled in less than 2 hours.

Proven Scalability​

Peace-of-mind performance today and tomorrow.

Trusted Partner

Teammate who works in your best interest.

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We Do Our Job So You Can Do Yours 

Let us run your background checks while you continue working to fill open positions.  Your candidates call us for support so you do what you do best.


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We deliver seamless integrations and engaging candidate experiences so you fill more positions faster.


Getting it right matters. It's just that simple.


You deserve answers fast. Our PBSA-FCRA client services team members help you and your candidates.

Fast Turnaround Times

On average, 95% of criminal background checks are completed in less than 2 hours. Here is a turnaround time map for Criminal Records Searches from Orange Tree Employment Screening. 


Experience the Power of Orange Tree

Hire easier with background checks, drug tests, and occupational health services from Orange Tree Employment Screening.

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During our discussion we will:
  • Discuss your needs.
  • Determine how we can best help you.
  • Design a program in your best interest.
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