Screening Services

Orange Tree designs screening programs solely for the best interest of our clients.

Background Screening Services

Orange Tree provides comprehensive background screening solutions. We work with employers to create solutions designed specifically for them and in their best interest.  We work with companies to build legally defensible solutions which are compliant, align with their business policy, and adhere to best practices.

A summary of our services is listed below.

  • Provide national and global search capabilities.
  • Search multiple county, state, federal and national criminal record databases.
  • Search terrorist watch lists, department lists, sex offender registries and fraud and abuse records.
  • Provide driving histories.
  • Provide consumer credit reports.
  • Provide monitoring services via our ConstantConnectTM platform.
  • Verify industry-related licenses.
  • Verify prior employment.
  • Verify educational history at all levels.
  • Send adverse action letters.
  • Conduct professional reference checks.
  • Provide drug testing and health services.
  • Support your candidates during the background screening process.