Screening Services

At Orange Tree, we understand the lengths you'll go to protect your customers, employees, and business. That's why we always go the extra mile to help you screen incoming job candidates.

Background Checks

Orange Tree provides comprehensive background check solutions, ensuring employers adhere to best practices, keep their customers safe and comply with hiring law. We do the right check for every position and reference check. Orange Tree is ready and able to:

  • Search multiple county, state, federal and national criminal record databases.
  • Search terrorist watch lists, department lists, sex offender registries and fraud and abuse records.
  • Run driving histories.
  • Confirm industry-related licenses.
  • Access consumer credit reports.
  • Verify prior employment.
  • Send adverse action letters.
  • Connect with candidates during the background check process.

Screening Solutions Matrix

Orange Tree provides a wide variety of background check services, creating the right mix for you. Our Screening Solutions Matrix creates the right mix of services to keep your employees safe and your business compliant.

First Look

Suitable for seasonal and service-related positions, our First Look provides a basic screening survey to help you keep your workplace safe.

Basic Look

Great for delivery drivers, key holders and customer service employees, Basic Look dives deeper into a candidates background, reviewing prior aliases and searching through more databases. 

Intermediate Look

Our Intermediate Look is perfect for screening candidates with public-facing profiles who could potentially cause great damage to your company's reputation, such as software engineers, sales team members and candidates who travel to customers' homes.

Specialty Look

Our Specialty Look is designed for high-level positions like executives and health care employees. After all, the higher the job, the more risk to your company's reputation in the event that something goes awry. This ensures your business remains compliant with state and federal hiring regulations for specialized positions.


Orange Tree also performs custom background checks so you get the exact information you need.


CandidateConnectOrange Tree's CandidateConnect® is an innovative platform that keeps candidates engaged throughout the background check process. It updates candidates on the status of their background checks via text or email and, if necessary, automatically prompts them for additional information.

What's more, candidates can upload necessary documents straight from their mobile device! This amazing platform minimizes your workload and reduces time to hire by half a day.