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Uncover Candidates' Online Profiles for Informed Hiring Choices

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Raise Hiring Precision with Social Media Screening

Discover a game-changing edge in recruitment. Social Media Screening slashes turnover costs, validates cultural alignment, and thwarts risks like workplace violence, insider threats, and fraud. Dive deep into behaviors, unearthing the unseen. We dissect posts, reactions, images, and even memes, while scouring the web for vital insights.

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Enhance Cultural Fit and Reduce Turnover

Unearth behaviors, interests, and values that align with your company culture. By delving into their online presence, you ensure that new hires seamlessly integrate into your team, significantly lowering turnover rates.

Minimize Employee Risks

Guard against potential hazards before they emerge. Social Media Screening acts as a proactive shield, identifying red flags for workplace violence, insider threats, and fraudulent tendencies.

Expose Invaluable Behavioral Insights

Our meticulous analysis dissects original posts, comments, images, and even meme text, providing a comprehensive glimpse into a candidate's persona. Trust in our FCRA-compliant service to unlock deeper insights and build a workforce poised for success.

of calls are resolved on the first contact.
of our backgrounds are “touchless”.
of our criminal searches are completed in less than 2 hours.

Orange Tree's Social Media Screening Service

Detecting concerning behaviors or affiliations empowers you to make informed decisions that prioritize the safety of your organization, employees, and assets. By mitigating risks at the pre-employment stage, you ensure a secure and conducive work environment.

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Drug-Related Images

Images of pills, syringes, paraphernalia and alcohol. It may include smoking, drinking, and injections.

Explicit/Racy Images
Hate Speech
Insults and Bullying
Obscene Language
Political Speech
Self Harm
Threats of Violence
Toxic Language
Violent Images
We can integrate with any ATS.

Our experience working with the team at Orange Tree has been wonderful. They have excellent, reputable data that they’re sharing with their clients that is very helpful in our hiring process.

Jeannie Sheehan
VP of Recruitment, Anne Arundel Dermatology

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