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Increase Workplace Safety and Implement Drug Testing

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Enhance Productivity and Safety: Transform Your Workforce with Expert Drug Testing Services

Implementing comprehensive drug screening helps ensure that your workplace and employees are operating in a way that is safe and effective. A program that combines drug test and health services in conjunction with background screening is one of the best ways to validate your candidates and employees are the right fit for your company.

Our Process

Orange Tree partners with eScreen and Quest to deliver a robust drug test collection site network.

Our fully integrated background and drug screening experience provides real-time status updates of drug test results and allows for service of all your company’s background screening and drug testing needs.

  1. Tailor to Your Policy: Orange Tree executes a process to your specifications
  2. Real-time Status Updates: Every step of the process is annotated in our ClientConnect® portal. You stay informed while filling your next position.
  3. Flexible Testing Options: We offer a variety of tests: urine, hair, instant, oral, and custom panels.
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Fortify Your Workforce Safety

Elevate your company's safety standards by implementing pre-employment, random, or continuous drug screening. This proactive measure identifies potential risks associated with substance use before they become hazards. By creating a drug-free environment from the start, you ensure the well-being of your employees, protect against accidents, and solidify your commitment to maintaining a secure workplace.

Boost Workforce Productivity

Unleash the potential of a focused and productive team through drug screening. By carefully selecting candidates free from substance-related performance impediments, you create a workforce dedicated to delivering their best. This screening process filters out candidates who might struggle with job tasks, ensuring that your team remains efficient, motivated, and ready to excel.

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Shield Against Legal Liabilities

Safeguard your company's reputation and legal standing with pre-employment or continuous drug screening. Embracing this practice demonstrates your commitment to industry regulations and compliance standards. By thoroughly vetting candidates, you shield your organization from potential negligent hiring lawsuits.

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Orange Tree's Drug Testing Services

All drug screening services include the facilitation of the specimen collection, shipment of the sample to the laboratory, applicable Medical Review Officer (MRO) services, and result reporting.

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Urine Drug Test (Including DOT)

Employers looking to confirm that their candidate or current employee is drug-free most commonly use urine testing drug screens. For our urine drug test, we offer 5, 7, 9, or 10-panel urine drug testing. We also offer custom panels. Please contact us if you have a request for a different panel.

Orange Tree also offers a drug testing process in accordance with DOT regulation.

For an additional fee, Orange Tree will manually register your DOT candidate for a drug test using an online registration process provided by one of our national collection site network partners.

Instant Urine Drug Test
Oral Fluid Testing
Hair Drug Screen
Random Drug Testing Program
Breath Alcohol Test (BAT)
We can integrate with any ATS.

Candidates receive self-service electronic CCF and the ability to conveniently choose their own clinic.

  • Fully mobile drug testing experience.
  • Access to thousands of clinics.
  • Full MRO coordination.
Speak with Our Team

Our experience working with the team at Orange Tree has been wonderful. They have excellent, reputable data that they’re sharing with their clients that is very helpful in our hiring process.

Jeannie Sheehan
VP of Recruitment, Anne Arundel Dermatology

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