Orange Tree Privacy Policy

Privacy at Orange Tree

This policy applies to the following Orange Tree sites:

Orange Tree Employment Screening LLC (Orange Tree) is a Consumer Reporting Agency that prepares Consumer Reports (background screening reports) for our clients and directly for consumers as allowed by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other applicable state, federal and international laws.  Our statements regarding Orange Tree's use, collection and transfer or information collected on our sites apply to Orange Tree and if our company or our assets are acquired or purchased by another company, that company will assume responsibility for the personal information collected by us through our Website, and it will assume the rights and obligations regarding the information collected through our Website, as described in this privacy policy.

  • The use of cookies
  • The use of information

The use of cookies

We use cookies to collect anonymous traffic data on our sites.  The Orange Tree Online site ( is accessible only to Orange Tree end users and is used by Orange Tree and Clients to submit requests to Orange Tree and to transmit information from Orange Tree to authorized Clients.

All such submissions and transmissions are between Orange Tree and Clients.

The use of information

In order to process background screening reports on behalf of our Clients, Orange Tree collects information about subjects and Clients as needed to complete those services.  Information collected will vary based on, and will be limited by the types of background screening reports requested by our Client.  The types of personally identifiable information (PII) typically collected include Client authorized contact name, email address, phone number and title, and background screening subject name, address and address history, other names used by the subject, phone numbers and email addresses, education, employment, and reference information, driving and professional license information, credit information, sanction list information, identifying information like social security number or other identification number, data of birth, driver license number or fingerprint information.  Sensitive Consumer information collected is used only for the purpose of creating the consumer report(s) that are ordered, including sharing the information with our authorized vendors and information sources when needed in order to provide the contracted services, and only upon request from our Client.

In addition we may collect responses that visitors or Clients provide to survey questions, the number of visits to our site, IP address information, time spent on the site, pages viewed, and inquiries you make through our website. 

Our websites also collect non-personally identifiable information about individuals accessing our sites including the number of people that visit the sites, which pages are visited, and from which domain.