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Manage Risk

Take a deeper look into your candidate’s credit report and financial history. Adhere to relevant laws and regulations, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and obtain the candidate's consent before accessing their credit information. Additionally, consider the potential impact of credit history on job performance and avoid discriminatory practices.

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Assess Responsibility and Stability

Hire candidates who demonstrate a consistent track record, which is especially important for roles involving financial management, access to company funds, or positions of trust.

Mitigate Risk

Reveal patterns of financial distress, which can inform decisions on integrity. By assessing stability, employers can mitigate risks to the organization's reputation, assets, and confidential information.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Running consumer credit reports ensures compliance. For roles involving sensitive data, conducting credit checks helps meet legal obligations, safeguarding your business and clients' interests.

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Orange Tree's Consumer Credit Report Service

When generating a Consumer Credit Report, Orange Tree submits a request to a major credit bureau for an employment credit report on the applicant.

Results returned may include information on the following: bankruptcies, civil judgments, payment history, recent credit inquiries, tax liens, unpaid bills in collection. An “Employment” credit report does not include a credit score.

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Insightful Employment Credit Report

Obtain a comprehensive "Employment" credit report from a major credit bureau. Discover details like trade accounts, lines of credit, bankruptcy, collections, payment history, addresses, and more.

Holistic Candidate Understanding
No Credit Score Included
Compliance with State Laws
Inquiries into Credit History
Transparent and Informative
Complete Picture, No Discrimination
Focus on Employment, Not Score
We can integrate with any ATS.

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