Our Company

Orange Tree is a market leader and global provider, helping companies win their race to fill open positions by providing fast, easy, and accurate background check and drug testing services. 

Welcome to Orange Tree. We are delighted that you’re here. If you’re looking for a company that acts like a member of your team, let’s connect.

We know that companies are in a race to fill open positions. We provide fast, easy, and accurate background screening to help you hire quickly.

We’re in business because we love building partnerships with clients. We work as hard as possible for all our clients. Always focused on your needs, we have a technology led mindset with a relentless pursuit of fast, easy, and accurate background checks.

We use technology to give you the best user experience possible. We have designed our client portal, ClientConnect, so you can find all the information you need with just a click or two. For your candidates, we meet them where they’re at - on their phone - with our leading mobile platform called CandidateConnect®. And last, but definitely not least, we have integrations with the leading ATS providers, so your recruiters maximize their productivity.

From order submission through report delivery, our technology is robust. It enables the fast turnaround times, easy to use systems, and accurate background checks that our clients love. But technology is no substitute for people.

When you need to speak with someone, we’re here for you. Our Client Success Team is always ready to answer your questions and does so virtually every time in one attempt and in less than two hours. This amazing service extends to your candidates also.

Finally, everything we do is focused on providing you an accurate background report. Doing the job right, providing you a background report that is compliant, is at the center of what we do.

We believe that our combination of innovative technology, relentless commitment to accuracy, and responsive concierge service sets us apart. Orange Tree provides you the best possible experience without compromise.