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Networks Connect Case Study

Aug 23, 2023 7:25:42 AM | Background Checks Networks Connect Case Study

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Networks Connect is a healthcare and professional staffing firm that specializes in connecting skilled, dependable, and compassionate healthcare workers to hundreds of hospitals and specialty care facilities across the U.S. As a full-service staffing provider, Networks Connect also staffs non-clinical professional positions in healthcare practices. 

The company was working with another background screening provider and became frustrated with the lack of customer service and long turnaround times for background checks and drug tests. Since Networks Connect prides itself on filling positions quickly, the company was dissatisfied and sought a new partner that could make things easier for both Networks Connect and its candidates. 


  • Long turnaround times 
  • Inconsistent client service
  • Long delays in filling open position

"I definitely recommend Orange Tree, particularly if you want a company that can scale and grow with you. I know Orange Tree will be right there with us to support our growth and success."
- Dennis McCall, VP of Operations, Network Connect

How Orange Tree Helped

  • Rapid onboarding
  • Proprietary platform and software development team
  • Dedicated account management
  • ClientConnect® and CandidateConnect® enablement


Orange Tree provided immediate benefit to Networks Connect by dramatically improving turnaround times, implementing a single-order background and drug testing solution, and providing excellent service via its dedicated national account manager.

Networks Connect was also looking for a partner who could build an integration with its ATS vendor – symplr CTM. Having its own proprietary platform and software development team, Orange Tree worked with symplr to create and deliver an integration. The integration empowers Networks Connect’s recruiters to be more productive. The recruiters can now remain in their ATS while starting the background check and drug test process.

Compliance is important in the healthcare industry. Orange Tree helps Networks Connect remain abreast of regulation, licensing, and credentialing changes at all levels. Orange Tree regularly sends client communications and conducts quarterly compliance webinars to keeps its clients informed of key regulation changes.

The entire screening process became much easier for Networks Connect and results were immediate.

"Working with Orange Tree is a true partnership. I sleep well at night knowing that they’re going to do their best to assure they deliver the highest level of service they can."
- Dennis McCall, VP of Operations, Network Connects


Since implementing Orange Tree as their background screening provider, Networks Connect has experienced:

  • Faster turnaround times
  • Excellent customer experience
  • Seamless integration with ATS symplr CTM (the first and only background screen integration with this popular platform)
  • Subject matter expertise

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