North American Entertainment Company Chooses Orange Tree to Integrate with iCIMS


  • Existing ATS was unable to scale with their business andrecruiting demands
  • High volume of applicants at many locations, with differentworkflows at each
  • Could not obtain background screenings quickly

How Orange Tree Helped

After making the switch from its previous provider, thecompany partnered with iCIMS and immediately feltassured that their concerns were understood. The companyimplemented the iCIMS Applicant Tracking System (ATS) withthe ability to configure each location to their specific workflow,increasing efficiency across the entire organization.Additionally, the company decided to further strengthen itstalent acquisition lifecycle by partnering with Orange Tree, atrusted background screening service provider. They choseOrange Tree for their proven ability to work with iCIMS insending data quickly and accurately through the ATS.Ultimately, users found the system easy-to-use and intuitive,and found the customer service to be a clear differentiatoramongst competitors

  • Configured iCIMS ATS for each location
  • Delivered customer service that’s second-to-none in theindustry
  • Enabled customer to handle large volumes ofapplicants
  • Easily transfer data between iCIMS and Orange Tree thanksto seamless integration
  • Receive, handle, and screen high volumes of applications
  • Save time and create ease for all locations anddepartments
  • Move forward in opening and operating a new location,where the company plans to hire 5,000 new employees