Candidate Support

If you need help or have questions about your background check, please contact our candidate support team using the information below.

Phone: 888-222-0667


Candidate FAQs

Here are answers to commonly asked questions

Before Your Background Check

How do I complete my address history?

Input all your addresses for the past seven years, including the day, month, and year at each address. Make sure dates do not overlap.

Tip: If you’re having trouble entering your address history on your mobile device, try using the Chrome browser on your computer.

What if I cannot remember my address history?

Do the best you can. Our system also allows you to select "no address history" if you need to. 

Tip: Keep a document on file with all your previous addresses and the dates so you always have the information handy.

What if I have an international address?

Our system allows you to select the country the address is in. Mark N/A for fields that are not related to your international address.

How do I complete my Employment History?

Input the start and end dates at each company (day, month, and year). Check box if you were employed as a contractor or through a staffing agency. Enter the company name, phone number, address of your previous employer and your title/position, and name used.

Tip: Make sure dates don’t overlap and include all gaps in employment in chronological order. Using the Chrome browser on a computer may make it easier to input information.

How do I completing specialized authorization forms (DOT/FMCSA, International, etc.)?

Please print and physically sign and date the forms. You can return completed forms by uploading a picture into the candidate portal, via email or fax (877-712-9175).

During Your Background Check

I forgot to include an employer, school, etc. How do I update this information?

Via CandidateConnect® or email it to

How do I update my personal information? (DOB, SSN, Name, etc.)

Please contact us via phone:  888.222.0667 to update any personal information. We do not encourage sending any personal information via email. 

What kind of documentation do I need to provide for Employment and/or Education Verification?

This is determined by your prospective/current/future employer's policy. There is a drop-down in the candidate portal that lists acceptable forms of documentation.

How do I provide additional documentation?

You can take a photo with your phone and upload the attachment to CandidateConnect® or email it to

Drug Testing/Special Requests

How do I change my clinic location?

Please contact the Orange Tree Client Experience Team via email or phone: 888.222.0667 for help in changing clinic locations.

How do I extend my drug test window?

Orange Tree requires authorization from your prospective/current employer to extend or re-register drug tests. Please reach out to your contact for additional help.

How do I complete the FMCSA/DOT Release forms?

Please print forms and hand-sign them. You can email or upload a picture of the completed forms via the portal. 

Download the instructions for completing and sending from to Orange Tree. 

My previous employer or school is no longer in business or closed, do I still list them?

Provide as much information as possible. Your employer may accept documentation, please prepare them in the event we request them. 

After Your Background Check

My screening is complete. How do I know if I’ve been hired?

Orange Tree does not aid or assist in the hiring process. Please contact your prospective/current employer.

What is an Adverse Action Letter?

An adverse action letter is a written notice required by federal law, delivered in hard copy or electronic form, which informs a job candidate that they may not be hired for a particular position because of the findings in a background check.

There are 2 steps in the Adverse Action Process: 

1. Notice of Pre-Adverse Action
2. Notice of Final Adverse Action

How do I get a copy of my final report?

You will automatically receive a copy of your background report once it is complete. You can access the electronic copy in CandidateConnect® for 30 days. You can also call or email us if you need another copy mailed to you. 

How do I provide a Letter of Explanation for the records found in my screening?

Via email. We will attach the letter to your background report and let your prospective/current employer know it's available for them to review.