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Safeguard Workplace Security

Take a proactive approach that safeguards employees and clients, fostering a thriving, secure workspace.

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Your Responsibility, Your Protection

Don't risk the cost of negligence. When your employees' actions matter, so does your choice in hiring. Neglecting safety can lead to hefty losses in lawsuits.

Safety Starts with Screening

Show you care by taking action. Criminal searches aren't just smart – they're responsible. Keep your workplace, customers, and reputation safe, while avoiding legal battles.

Preventive Measures, Not Legal Battles

Safeguard your business proactively. Criminal searches aren't an option – they're a necessity. Avoid courtroom drama and ensure safety with diligent screening.

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Orange Tree's Criminal Background Check Service

As an employer, you are liable for any harm that results from your employee’s negligent acts. Companies lose millions of dollars per year in lawsuits for neglecting their responsibility to keep their workplace, customers, vendors, and the public safe.

Performing criminal searches is considered reasonable care in choosing or keeping an employee. Not only does it help keep your workplace and customers safe, but it also helps to keep you out of the courtroom.

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Expanding Horizons: National Criminal Records Search (NCRS)

Broaden your search with Orange Tree’s National Criminal Records Search (NCRS). Uncover potential criminal records beyond known jurisdictions. This comprehensive database scan collects data from multiple sources. If a hit is detected, we confirm it at the jurisdictional level. Available for monitoring and rechecks.

Safety First: National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) Search
Precision and Speed: County/Statewide Criminal Records Search
Federal Crimes Unveiled: Federal Criminal Records Search
Uncover the Complete Story: County and Federal Civil Court Records Searches
We can integrate with any ATS.

We have been thrilled with Orange Tree and their team.

Becky Nogueira
Executive Recruiting Leader, First Quality Enterprises

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