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Comprehensive Driving Record Checks for Informed

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Elevate Hiring Confidence

Companies are responsible for employees who drive for work. Driving on the job creates liability for your business. Knowing a candidate's driving history helps employers reduce risk.

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Ensure Safety and Mitigate Risk

Prioritizing driving record checks ensures workplace safety and public protection. Assessing candidates' driving histories reduces the risk of accidents and liabilities.

Protect Your Organization

Your company's image and assets are crucial. Conducting driving record checks helps prevent incidents, and by ensuring that employees with clean driving records handle your vehicles, you demonstrate responsibility and build trust.

Ensure Legal Compliance and Job Suitability

Certain roles require employees to operate vehicles as part of their responsibilities. Running driving record checks ensures that candidates meet legal requirements for such positions.

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of responses are handled within 2 hours or less.

Orange Tree's Driving Record Checks Service

We provide validation of the driver's license number provided by your applicant and their driving history in the state of issuance. When an applicant's driving record affects your final employment decision, it is essential to include driving checks in your background screening program.

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Rev Up Your Insights: Driving History Validation

We don't just look, we validate. Uncover driving records with precision, including violations, license details, and more. Available for monitoring and rechecks.

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Fuel Your Compliance: DOT & Transportation Verification
We can integrate with any ATS.

Orange Tree sets the standard.

Tina Barte
HR Vice President, Haselwood Auto Group

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