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Our adjudication engine, HireGuide™, is designed to automate employers' decision processes, particularly those with multiple locations, centralized teams, or de-centralized teams. This service helps manage many applicants, creating efficiencies when a candidate's report is clear and controlling information and permissions when a report requires additional review. HireGuide™ also supports the regular application of decision criteria within job groups, building consistency into the hiring process.

Adverse Action


We follow the adverse action process outlined by the Federal Credit Reporting Agency (FCRA). You can submit a request online, by phone, or email. Once submitted, we will send a pre-adverse action letter to the candidate through the CandidateConnect® portal or USPS and provide a copy for you to access online. If there is no response within your pre-established timeframe, we will send the post-adverse action letter.

If the candidate responds with a dispute, we will reach back out to the county to confirm the information is accurate. If the information has changed, we will notify you as to the change.

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