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With Orange Tree's specialty screening service offerings, you can be confident that you're conducting a thorough screening process for every potential employee.

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Our adjudication engine, HireGuide, is designed to automate employers' decision processes, particularly those with multiple locations, centralized teams, or de-centralized teams. This service helps manage many applicants, creating efficiencies when a candidate's report is clear and controlling information and permissions when a report requires additional review. HireGuide also supports the regular application of decision criteria within job groups, building consistency into the hiring process.

Adverse Action

We follow the adverse action process outlined by the Federal Credit Reporting Agency (FCRA). You can submit a request online, by phone, or email. Once submitted, we will send a pre-adverse action letter to the candidate through the CandidateConnect® portal or USPS and provide a copy for you to access online. If there is no response within your pre-established timeframe, we will send the post-adverse action letter.

If the candidate responds with a dispute, we will reach back out to the county to confirm the information is accurate. If the information has changed, we will notify you as to the change.

Adverse Action

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Orange Tree's International Screening Services

Global solutions to make screening your candidates with international histories a success.

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International Employment Verification
International Driving Verification

Validation of the driver’s license number provided by the candidate, and possibly driving history in the country of issue. Information and availability varies country by country, and may include validation of license, status, violations, and confirmation of the name on the license, issue date, expiration date and class of license. Note that special forms may be required. This service is not available in all countries.

International Professional License Verification

Confirmation of claimed Professional License as reported by the candidate. The license issuing authority is contacted to verify the professional license status. When available, date of issuance and expiration are provided along with reportable disciplinary action on file. This service is not available in all countries as availability and access can vary by country and license type.

International Criminal History

The International Criminal History service is available in over 200 countries. The searches are conducted in the best available legal source of the requested country. The number of years searched, the source searched and what can be reported vary by country. The scope of the International Criminal History check is defined during setup. Additional information or forms may be required.

International Credit Report

An International Credit Report is a credit report from one of the major international credit bureaus. The report and availability will vary by country but may include some of the following: current/past trade accounts, current/past lines of credit, public records (bankruptcy and tax liens), accounts in collection, payment history, addresses and names associated with the consumer, other inquiries into the Candidate’s credit history, limited information about the consumer’s employment history. An employer’s use of credit information for employment is subject to applicable country law limitations. This service is not available in all countries as availability and access vary by country.

International Education Verification

The International Education Verification service verifies the degree or diploma and the dates of attendance or graduation at an international institution provided by the Candidate. The scope of the International Education Verification is defined during setup. Additional information or forms may be required. The most common identifiers used to verify education history are: name used while attending; dates of attendance; graduation date or graduation month and year; type of degree, date of birth, copy of the degree or diploma. At least three valid attempts are made. An attempt is valid when there is reason to believe the correct entity has been contacted.

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Learn how our fast, easy, and accurate background screening can help you hire quickly?

Learn how our fast, easy, and accurate background screening can help you hire quickly.

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Continuous Monitoring

In order to maintain a safe workplace, employers must be diligent. 
Post-hire screening helps achieve this objective.


Why Choose Continuous Monitoring?

Choosing to employ internal policies and practices for continuous monitoring will help ensure the safety and integrity of your workplace, for your employees, customers, and vendors.

If you are not monitoring your employees, you may be unaware of behavioral missteps, criminal charges, or loss of license that makes them a legal liability for your organization. This kind of situation can also have compliance implications if you are in a regulated industry.


What is Continuous Monitoring?

Continuous monitoring is the capability to receive current information on employees regarding their employability status per company policy.

Traditionally, employers ran a background check on their employees only at the time of hire. Some may have run another check when an employee was promoted to additional levels of responsibility.

Technology innovation by Orange Tree has led to new continuous monitoring offerings for criminal activity and other services.

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Benefits of ConstantConnect®

Protect your brand reputation.
Ensure eligibility for reimbursement from government programs.
Comply with industry sanction requirements.
Reduce your financial risk e.g. civil penalties, insurance, litigation.

Are you in compliance?

Orange Tree ensures you are.

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