Specialty Services

Orange Tree offers the specialty screening services you need to Hire with ConfidenceTM

Your organization may call for specific screening services like adverse action or OIG searches. With Orange Tree's specialty screening service offerings, you can be confident that you're conducting a thorough screening process for every potential employee.  

Professional Reference Verification

Before making an employment decision, you may want to gather perspective from another party who has had professional experience with the candidate (e.g. former boss, colleague, etc.) via reference check. This information will give you insight as to the candidate’s track record of performance and capabilities.

For our Professional Reference Verification service, Orange Tree will contact former co-workers, supervisors and colleagues that have been provided by the applicant to obtain a professional reference. This process is typically completed electronically, as our highest successful response rates occur when an online method is used; however, if you prefer reference verifications be done by phone, we can support that process as well.

Additionally, Orange Tree offers clients a set of standard reference questions which may be used during a Professional Reference Verification. Otherwise, this set of questions and the total number of valid attempts can be configured and customized to your preference during setup, based on the requirements of your business. As a note, Orange Tree defines a "valid" attempt as one where there is evidence to believe we have contacted the best possible source of the information. 

Electronic I-9 and E-Verify

Ensuring your hiring process is compliant with state and federal employment regulations has never been more important. Our Electronic I-9 & E-Verify service helps you maintain compliance while managing your program as efficiently as possible. 

Electronic I-9

The Electronic I-9 portion of this service provides a simple solution for managing your I-9 forms efficiently and securely, building compliance into your process. Our preferred partner online platform allows you to transition from a paper I-9 process to a digital I-9 process, lending to improved organization and ease-of-management. The interface creates an online electronic I-9 form or serves as a repository for your hard copy I-9 forms, which can be easily uploaded directly to the site.

The online I-9 form includes electronic signatures of the authorized representative, preparer (where appropriate) and new employee, and may replace the paper form altogether. All information (whether using the electronic I-9 form or uploading images of your paper forms) is stored on the partner website for quick, easy access.


In addition to I-9 form maintenance, this service facilitates increasingly-common state mandated employment eligibility verification. Eligibility-to-work status is completed through E-Verify, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) system. If your company is in an industry frequently audited by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), E-Verify may provide incredible value to your background screening program. E-Verify produces proof of process quickly and easily in the event your company is selected for audit.

When completing this service, data collected on the electronic I-9 form is automatically submitted to E-Verify. Eligibility to work status is then returned real time on the partner web site, and includes an intuitive work flow to manage the tentative non-confirmation process when required.

Advantages Of Using Orange Tree’s Electronic I-9 & E-Verify Service Include:

  • Confirming your employees are authorized to work in the US
  • Maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Improving efficiency by simplifying the start-to-end process
  • Supporting sustainability efforts by minimizing paper usage in your program
  • Producing proof your company has followed process in the event of an audit

While the majority of employers prefer the Electronic I-9 and E-Verify services be handled together, Orange Tree is able to offer the Electronic I-9 capability standalone, if necessary.

International Screening Services

When the reach of your business results in applicants from beyond the United States, you need an experienced partner in hiring to help manage the international screening portions of your employment background screening program. Wherever your candidates have been, it’s critical to know they have the qualifications they say they have. With Orange Tree’s International Screening Services, rest assured we have global solutions in place to make screening your candidates with international histories a success.  

International Education Verification

Verify your applicant’s attendance at an international institution, with Orange Tree’s International Education Verification service. This search verifies the degree or diploma, and the dates of attendance or graduation at an international institution as stated by the applicant. The most common identifiers used to verify education history are:

  • Name used while attending
  • Dates of attendance
  • Graduation date or graduation month and year
  • Type of degree
  • Date of birth
  • Copy of the degree or diploma

The scope of your International Education Verification will be defined during setup. Additional information or forms may be required.

International Employment Verification

Orange Tree’s International Employment Verification service verifies the information provided by the applicant regarding their employment history. Typical areas that are verified include:

  • Dates of employment
  • Position/Title

The scope of your International Employment Verification will be defined during setup. Additional information or forms may be required.

International Criminal History

Orange Tree’s International Criminal History service allows us to complete international criminal background checks in over 200 countries. The searches are conducted in the best available legal source of the requested country. The number of years searched varies by country, as well as what they define as “reportable”.


Orange Tree’s adjudication engine, HireGuide™, is an employment background screening solution designed to automate the decisioning process for employers, particularly those with multiple locations, centralized teams or de-centralized teams. This service helps those managing a large number of applicants; creating efficiencies when a candidate's report is clear and controlling information and permissions when a report requires additional review. HireGuide™ also supports regular application of decision criteria within job groups, building consistency into the hiring process. Developed in response to client feedback around the necessity of adjudication process automation, HireGuide™ is one of Orange Tree’s premier innovations. 

During implementation, Orange Tree will work with you to create a “rules engine”, customizing HireGuide™  to your company’s hiring matrix and employment policies. Upon completion of the background check, Orange Tree will compare your HireGuide matrix to the results of each report and provide a HireGuide result in line with your policy.

By systematically building in consistency and efficiency, HireGuide™ is a key tool to support your team throughout the hiring process.

Hireguide Advantages: 

  • Supports consistent, company-wide employment decisions within job classifications
  • Minimizes errors throughout the hiring process
  • Reduces the time needed to review results (up to 80%)
  • Identifies candidates eligible for individualized assessment process
  • Supports efficient applicant onboarding 

The scope of your International Criminal History check will be defined during setup. Additional information or forms may be required. 

Adverse Action

In support of helping our customers remain compliant, Orange Tree offers complete adverse action letter fulfillment. Our Adverse Action service builds compliance within the process when a candidate fails to meet the employment criteria required to qualify for your open position. 

During implementation, we will work with you to configure your pre-adverse action and final adverse action letters. Once you are considering making an adverse hiring decision, simply notify us to initiate the Adverse Action letter service and we’ll begin mailing the pre-adverse action letters along with copies of each applicant’s consumer report and all applicable “Summary of Rights” documents (federal and state).

After five days or longer (per your instruction), if the applicant has not disputed the contents of their consumer report, Orange Tree will mail the final adverse action letter to the applicant along with all applicable “Summary of Rights” documents (federal and state). Should the candidate dispute, we will conduct all re-investigation required to further build compliance within your process.

For future reference, copies of each letter sent will be attached to the applicant profile and viewable on the Orange Tree online portal.