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Shift4 Case Study

Oct 10, 2023 3:28:51 PM | Background Checks Shift4 Case Study

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Shift4 is a payment processing company that connects vendors, banks, and customers. The company provides a complete end to end commerce ecosystem and handles every aspect of the process to deliver a seamless, streamlined payments experience. Shift4 powers business in nearly every sector, including travel and hospitality, food and beverage, retail, sports and entertainment, casinos, and online gaming ecommerce, and specialty retail.

Shift4 had experienced inconsistent service, long turnaround times, and ever-rising prices with its former background check vendor. The company's HR leadership decided it was time for a change. Shift4 needed a partner to take the company to a new level of background screening efficiency, and Orange Tree was the perfect fit.


  • Long turnaround times and delays in filling positions
  • Inconsistent client service
  • Complicated pricing that kept increasing

"The biggest thing for us was that there was an immediate level of partnership right away. We knew we would be able to trust Orange Tree to help us integrate our new solution and get results fast. That spirit of cooperation has been true all the way through our engagement, and we appreciate it."
- Gary Michael, VP of People

How Orange Tree Helped

When Shift4 decided to change background screening vendors, they researched the top companies with the best customer experiences. They looked at pricing, account services, and turnaround time. According to Gary Michael, the company’s VP of People, “Partnering with Orange Tree was definitely the right decision.”

Today, Orange Tree has helped Shift4 implement an easy platform that is accessible and intuitive for candidates and internal team members. Orange Tree’s background screening process makes it easy for the company to conduct background checks, get necessary information from candidates, and be able to onboard new employees quickly. Integrating Shift4’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), iCIMS, was essential and Orange Tree made it straightforward for Shift4 by doing “the heavy lifting.”

"I’m getting backgrounds back in two to three days versus six to twelve days."
- Gary Michael, VP of People


  • Rapid Onboarding
  • Proprietary platform and software development team
  • Integration with iCIMS platform


  • Faster turnaround times: 2-3 days vs. 6-12 days with their previous vendor.
  • Saving between 15% and 20% per year on the cost of background screening.
  • Dedicated account management streamlining everyday processes.

Fast and Easy Background Checks

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