Occupational Health Screening 

An occupational health screening program helps assure that your workplace and its employees are operating in a way that’s safe and effective.


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Health Screening Services

Orange Tree offers a number of health services. We have created a single click ordering process for your background check, drug testing, and health services. This makes you more productive and enables your candidate to quickly complete the process.

We can electronically schedule, process, execute, deliver, and report services, including but not limited to the following. Contact Us for More Options 

Orange Tree Insights 

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Recent State drug laws impacting the workplace including marijuana

Through all of the confusion that employers have been facing this year, drug testing while staying in compliance and...

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The Future of Drug Testing

I founded the Current Consulting Group (CCG) in 1998 and the next year we conducted a survey of the drug testing...

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FMCSA Clearinghouse: Answers to frequently asked questions

The Clearinghouse is a database that contains information about violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety...

Ensure a safe and productive workplace with health screening from Orange Tree.


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