Occupational Health Screening

An occupational health screening program helps assure that your workplace and its employees are operating in a way that’s safe and effective. A program that combines occupational health services in conjunction with background screening is one of the best ways to validate your candidates or employees are an excellent fit for your company. With Orange Tree, you get access to a comprehensive set of occupational health tools, giving you the ability to create a custom program tailored to your needs. 


Orange Tree’s Occupational Health Screening Partners

Orange Tree partners with leading occupational health or drug testing companies. The drug testing labs we partner with for urine-based testing – LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics and Alere (provided by eScreen) – are certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). For hair drug testing, Orange Tree partners with Quest Diagnostics and Psychemedics.


Orange Tree’s Occupational Health Screening Process

To make your program as efficient as possible, Orange Tree leads with a paperless chain-of-custody for occupational health testing. With our web-based service, drug testing information is all centralized in one location, leveraging advanced testing technology to minimize risk of errors, and providing access to reporting at all hours of the day. Our electronic chain-of-custody process ultimately works to improve overall turnaround time and eliminate the hassle of managing multiple locations or paper forms.

While we lead with a paperless chain-of-custody process for occupational health services, we understand this may not represent the best fit for every client. If your program is federally regulated, none of the collection sites within acceptable proximity are able to support a paperless process, or you simply prefer a paper method, Orange Tree is happy to provide a paper chain-of-custody process for your occupational health program.

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