Our Technology

Orange Tree provides innovation every step of the way to enable the best client and candidate experience possible.

Technology First

Clients today expect fast turnaround time (TAT) of an accurate background report.  This requires commitment, competence, and flawless execution.

At Orange Tree, we long ago adopted the mindset of “technology first.”  Said another way, we look to extend our capabilities for our clients by incorporating automation wherever possible.  This approach enables us to scale our business, ensure optimum TAT and accuracy, and continuously offer Innovative solutions. 


Fast and Easy. Done Right.

We also know that candidates read more than 90% of their texts in less than 3 seconds, so we provide our clients the ability to begin the background screen with a text.  This game-changing approach has been proven to reduce TAT by nearly a day.  Moreover, 10,000’s of candidates have told us this experience is “easy/very easy” to use.  Our clients love the fact that their offers are accepted, and that candidates get to work.


ATS Integrations

Orange Tree clients realize the best client and candidate experiences.  We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) providers to enable a more productive means of managing the background screening process.  Utilizing our proprietary platform, our development team builds seamless integrations, so your recruiters maximize their time in your ATS.  We know this makes them more productive.

Today’s ATS integrations certainly go a long way to providing a single window approach to the background screening process.  However, there’s still some information you need to access daily.  ClientConnectTM is our intuitive and easy-to-use client portal which gives you insight to everything else you need in just a click or two. Additionally, we give you an easy way to quickly begin the adverse action process.



Need to be more productive and ensure hiring consistency? We have a tool that enables you to achieve both of these objectives. Customized to your business policy, HireGuideTM helps ensure that hiring practices are uniformly followed in the most efficient manner possible.

You want and deserve end-to-end peace of mind from your background screen company’s technology.  Orange Tree does this by producing accurate results, quickly and easily, every time. 


We have many ATS integrations. Here are a few:

Bullhorn Staffing Software Hire Bridge Hirezon Exchange iCIMS KeneXa SAP SuccessFactors Silk Road Snag Oracle Taleo Ultimate Software