Our Technology

Orange Tree’s technology platform leads the industry, designed to easily facilitate integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Our data moves quickly and efficiently in a stable environment, helping you to manage the hiring and employment background screening process with consistency and ease. Plus, an integration creates brand consistency for customers, ultimately supporting a stronger applicant and brand experience.  

All Integrations Are Not Created Equal

Orange Tree’s integrations may be bi-directional – with information flowing both ways - delivering the most seamless experience to you, the customer. With an Orange Tree integration, you’re able to initiate the employment background screening process from directly inside your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

From there, results information is returned in a number of different ways (dependent upon the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) being used and integration setup). Most often, a full summary is delivered back into the ATS for review. In some cases, certain integrations support the return of a full report and details, a summary with a link or a link to the report only. Similarly, results are often times able to be returned real-time, meaning you can stay up-to-the-minute on a candidate’s status; however, certain integrations may require a batch process or query.

Orange Tree is a recognized leader when it comes to software integrations. Some of the benefits your company stands to gain from implementing an integration with Orange Tree include:  

  • Consistency in hiring
    • An integration helps you utilize ATS workflow functionality to its fullest capacity while supporting policy and process compliance
    • Ensures the right package services for each job group are ordered when screening a new applicant
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy
    • Turnaround times can be improved - an integration ensures we have the correct information right from the start, helping to avoid the issues that arise with errors or missing information
    • Delivery of Orange Tree's emails can be customized to your preference, providing the communication you need, when you need it
    • Processes are streamlined, allowing you to operate one system instead of many - for example, final background check summaries or results are delivered back into your ATS (often in real-time), delivering an optimal, user-friendly experience
    • Energy spent re-keying data is drastically reduced, minimizing the risk of human error and allowing your team to shift focus from admin to advancing key priorities
  • Reliability
    • Orange Tree’s high standards and attention-to-detail have built unmatched expertise in the field, meaning your integration will be fully-operational and successful

Let Our Track Record Do the Talking

The market has repeatedly recognized Orange Tree for excellence as an integration partner. To gain outside perspective, read the partner case study for Penn National Gaming available in our resources section. This case study was created by iCIMS, a leading ATS provider and excellent partner of Orange Tree's, to highlight the success story behind this client's integration. 

Our Solutions

Orange Tree is proud to offer a superior set of background screening, occupational health and specialty services that support your team’s ability to make informed employment decisions. Our comprehensive service offering is backed by the industry’s leading technology and Customer Care team, delivering unmatched value and innovation throughout the client experience. Whatever the requirements of your employment background screening program, rest assured Orange Tree has the capabilities and experience to set it up for success.  

Background Screening

Orange Tree enables employers to build best practice screening programs customized to their specific needs. Find out more: Verifying Honesty, Managing Risks to Your Bottom Line, Creating a Safe Work Environment and  Avoiding Negligent Hiring Lawsuits.

At Orange Tree, we understand the lengths you'll go to protect your customers, employees and business. That's why we always go the extra mile to help you screen incoming job candidates. Our comprehensive background check services help you Hire with Confidence™, so you know you made the right choice every time.


In today's competitive hiring market, every tiny detail can make all the difference. Qualified candidates are more discerning than ever about their potential employers, meaning businesses need to pull out all the stops to seal the deal. 

When it comes to hiring, you need to ensure your candidate experience isn't turning away top talent. Orange Tree helps you by making the background check process as frictionless as possible. We ensure you perform the right criminal search and don't miss an adverse action letter or compliance regulation so you can Hire with Confidence™. 

Our Integrations

Our time-tested ATS solutions provide ultimate hiring efficiencies for your hiring process. We partner with industry-leading providers to ensure your program is fully compliant and tailored to your specific needs and industry.

The result? the best possible screening outcomes for you, your candidates, and your company.