Our Technology

Orange Tree provides innovative, easy-to-use, and mobile friendly technology throughout the background screening process.

Technology You Need

Our clients need to process their background checks with ease, speed, and accuracy. Our technology delivers this experience.

We have integrations for clients who want to work in their ATS.  We have a robust portal for the work which resides outside the ATS.  And we have a mobile friendly candidate platform which reduces turnaround time.

Behind the scenes, we use automation to quickly produce the answers you need. This approach enables us to scale our business, deliver the best turnaround times, and provide accurate background checks.

Our clients expect to submit orders around the clock. Available 24x7, Orange Tree's proprietary platform is up to the task. Our innovate use of technology enables it to work continuously.

Orange Tree is SOC 2 Type 2 certified so you can have peace-of-mind that we have met the most stringent IT standards for availability, security, and privacy.


Our mobile friendly candidate platform, CandidateConnect®, is a game-changing innovation that has been proven to reduce turnaround time (TAT) by nearly a day.

Job-seeking candidates always have their phone with them. Starting the background screen with a text meets them where they're at - on their phone.  Not requiring the candidate to create an account or use a social media account login, a pin is sent to the candidate.  Studies have shown that 90% of texts are read in within 3 seconds, so Orange Tree's background screens can start just as quickly.  It's that fast and easy.

Always thinking of compliance, we deliver disclosure and authorization forms on your behalf.  The candidate can sign these forms on their phone. We provide real-time status updates throughout the process to the candidate.  If we need additional information, the candidate uploads documents with their phone. If your candidate has a question, they call us.

Our easy-to-use and responsive process relieves your candidate's anxiety and decreases their calls to you.  We provide them the support they need while you stay focused on filling your next position. 

Too good to be true?  Don't take our word for it.  90% of candidates completing a survey give CandidateConnect® an "easy / very easy" to use rating.

Our clients also value our capability to handle the adverse action process for them via CandidateConnect®.  From beginning to end, our candidate experience delivers value to you and your candidates.

ATS Integrations

Orange Tree clients realize the best client and candidate experiences.  We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) providers to enable a more productive means of managing the background screening process.  Utilizing our proprietary platform, our development team builds seamless integrations, so your recruiters maximize their productivity in your ATS.


Today’s ATS integrations go a long way to providing a single window approach to the background screening process.  However, there’s still a lot information and functionality you need which resides outside the ATS. ClientConnectTM is our intuitive and easy-to-use client portal which gives you insight and access to everything else you need with just a click. Additionally, we provide an easy way to quickly begin and manage the adverse action process.

Our mobile friendly client portal is available 24x7 and offers the following features:

  • Detailed annotations
  • Real time status updates
  • Visibility to candidate interactions
  • Role based permission settings
  • Client specific knowledge center
  • Unlimited 6-year historical report storage
  • Custom search capabilities
  • Client specific knowledge center
  • Batch uploads
  • Online reports

Drug Test Integration

With Orange Tree's drug test integration, one order is submitted to your candidate for both the background screen and drug test.  The candidate receives this order, signs the authorizations forms, and then begins the process.

For the drug test, the candidate has the flexibility to choose a collection site that is convenient for them. The candidate receives the chain of custody form electronically.

As the drug test progresses through its stages, real time status updates are visible within ClientConnectTM.  The following steps are annotated within our portal:

  • Registration
  • Collection made
  • Sample sent to the lab
  • Sample received by the lab
  • Sample in test
  • Testing is complete
  • Final result

Our integration keeps the candidate on task and makes you more productive while retaining control of the overall process.  

Orange Tree provides end-to-end technology you want and deserve.


We have many ATS integrations. Here are a few:

Bullhorn Staffing Software Hire Bridge Hirezon Exchange iCIMS KeneXa SAP SuccessFactors Silk Road Snag Oracle Taleo Ultimate Software