3 Ways Technology Will Help You Save Time and Convert More Candidates

May 19 2021
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Are you frustrated with the time it takes to make a hire at your company? It's hard enough to find the best candidates, let alone get them through the background screening process so you can hire them. And if you don't do it fast enough, you run the risk of losing them to your competition.

Enter technology to the rescue. There are all types of new technologies, from AI to portals, that can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to recruit and screen candidates.

Here's a look at three types of technology that will save you time and help you get the top candidates. 

1. Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a mainstay in the recruiting and hiring process. In a recent survey, 36 percent of recruiters said AI was making their jobs easier. A similar study of job seekers said AI delivered a positive candidate experience, and job seekers had come to expect it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI enables computers to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. AI will employ machine learning, where the computer can learn and adapt and other techniques to find solutions to problems.

While AI has been around for many years, many possible applications for uses have exploded in the last decade.

One area where AI has found a permanent home is the hiring process. HR managers, recruiters, and others all can use software that can make everyone's job easier and reduce the time it takes to recruit, screen, and hire.

Perhaps the best-known application of AI in the hiring process is the applicant tracking system. AI helps applicant tracking systems when scanning resumes, so the system doesn't miss qualified applicants that may not have used different phrasing. AI can also check your database in seconds to see if you have qualified candidates already in your system.

AI is also helping to make background checks faster.

Orange Tree's client portal integrates seamlessly with the applicant tracking system. It uses front-end AI to ensure background checks are processed quickly. We also use backend AI to ensure all service questions are routed to subject matter experts. So, our clients and their candidates get the most accurate answers quickly. 

2. Secure sensitive data

Technology plays a fundamental role in securing the sensitive information that's often collected during a hiring process. Files and hard copies of candidate data are out. Now companies must use the best cloud technology to protect data.

Companies and others who collect personal information run the risk of data breaches. Those crimes can hit any company as the thieves look for vulnerable systems, including those used by many HR offices.

If a hack were to happen, companies run the risk of being sued. Data from IBM shows that the average data breach costs a company $3.86 million or about $150 per compromised record.

Technology like private cloud networks allows administrators to give only the right people the ability to view sensitive data, track changes and have emergency controls.

3. Easy for companies and candidates

The time for your background check will significantly decrease if you use a provider that has the most up-to-date front-end technology. Orange Tree provides technology that makes it easy to initiate an order and provide candidate information.

The online interface easily integrates into any ATS. That will allow you to significantly streamline the experience for everyone involved and complete the background check efficiently. Clients can also begin the screening processing with text. Data shows that it can reduce the time to complete everything by a day.

A mobile-optimized portal also allows the process to be completed faster. Orange Tree's portal, CandidateConnect®, is mobile-friendly and electronic signature enabled. It can reduce turnaround time because data entry activities are moved to your candidate. You don't have to track down information from the candidate, for example. Candidates use the portal to upload their documents. They also get real-time access to their screening information and notifications about the process.

The portal makes a positive impression on your candidates because it reduces the number of steps they need to complete while also letting them know exactly where they are in the process.

Use Orange Tree technology to get the best candidates.

With companies hiring quickly now, you need a background check partner to get candidates screened fast and accurately. Orange Tree will help you convert the best candidates through our fast and easy background checks.

Orange Tree technology is accessible for candidates to use on any device. That makes it easier to finish the process and help you hire quicker. Meanwhile, you'll reduce your time to hire and not have to worry about losing your top candidates to someone else.

Want to learn more about how our team can be of service to your organization? Schedule a free consultation with us today.

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