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September 20 2018
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It’s your job to find and hire the best candidates for your business, but before these candidates are hired they must pass a background screening check. The process a candidate goes through and their experience during a background screen makes a statement to the candidate about you.

Candidate Experience Counts

A candidate’s experience is their perception of and how they rate interactions during the hiring process, including the application, screening and interview process. A positive or negative candidate experience can impact their willingness to continue the process and their motivation to leave their current job.

According to CareerArc, who surveyed 1200 candidates and HR professionals, 72% of respondents said that they would share a bad candidate experience either online or directly. Candidates that experience an overly long hiring process or don’t feel that their time has been respected are likely to withdraw from consideration. However, those with a positive candidate experience are more likely to accept a job offer, reapply in the future or refer others to the company.

Introducing CandidateConnect®

To support a positive candidate experience through the screening process, Orange Tree Employment Screening provides CandidateConnect®, an innovative online and mobile-friendly background screening solution. Trimming nearly a day off the background screening process, CandidateConnect® provides timely alerts and its ETAs keep the candidate informed through every step of the screening process. This helps keep them engaged and proactively involved, reducing recruiter time spent responding to questions or requests for updates. With an average time-to-fill of 36 days, every half day that can be saved in the hiring process can help you be more productive.

Mobile is Now

Candidates have their phone with them at all times. They are interacting with you, other recruiters, and searching job boards while navigating the job search process. It's common knowledge that the average person considers texting as their "contact now" device and their computer as something to monitor on a daily basis.  Realizing this, Orange Tree developed a mobile friendly platform for its screening process to ensure that its clients could provide their candidates the best possible experience.

Some of the exciting features of the CandidateConnect® portal include:

  • E-signature
  • Real-time updates and progress tracking
  • Single order background screen and drug test
  • Mobile ready, including the ability to upload and download documents
  • Alerts to indicate missing information
  • Customized communication by text or email
  • Candidates can contact Orange Tree directly for support
  • 24/7 portal availability

Build Brand Recognition

CandidateConnect® enables you to share your logo on the welcome screen to ensure the candidate feels connected to you during the background screening process.  Seeing your logo gives them the comfort that Orange Tree is part of your team as they take this final step in the hiring process. This presents a professional and organized front to prospective employees, earning their trust and respect.

Our Commitment to Candidate Experience

Orange Tree is committed to providing a fast and easy background screening experience for your candidates. We know you've cultivated a great relationship with your candidate up to the final step in the hiring process. Orange Tree extends this experience throughout the background screening process and CandidateConnect® is a key enabler.

Creating the best possible experience for prospective candidates will help you attract top talent and keep them engaged through the hiring process. To learn more about appealing to top performing candidates, contact Orange Tree for a no charge consultation.

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