Using Automation In The Adjudication Process Saves Time And Money

January 20 2022
4 min read

The HireGuide adjudication tool enabled a large staffing firm conducting approximately 4,000 screens a month to reduce the number of reviews by 74% and review time by 50% between May and November of 2021. This efficiency saved the firm 300 hours of labor time per month.

What is an Adjudication Tool?

Orange Tree's adjudication tool, HireGuide, is an employment background screening solution designed to streamline the decision process for employers. Efficiencies are made by not having to review and spend time on criminal records and other non-clear results that don't rise to the level of needing to be reviewed.

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When reviewing the results, employers can use the product to implement their narrowly tailored background screening policy because it helps the employer incorporate the "Green Factors" into their adjudication process. The green factors identified below are the variables used in determining whether or not a candidate will proceed.

Green Factors (as identified in EEOC):

  1.  The Nature and Gravity of the Offense or Conduct (i.e. the offense type and level of the offense).
  2. The Time that Has Passed Since the Offense, Conduct, and/or Completion of the Sentence (i.e. the HireGuide time brackets – for instance, an employer may want to review a criminal record that happened recently, but ignore one(s) that are older.)
  3. The Nature of the Job Held or Sought.

HireGuide supports the regular application of decision criteria within job groups, building consistency into the hiring process. Developed in response to client feedback around the necessity of enabling greater recruiter productivity, it is one of the many ways Orange Tree helps its client focus on filling open positions instead of the background screening process. We believe in doing our job so our clients can do theirs.

Employers can use the tool to trigger the individualized assessment process required by the EEOC guidance to help the employer determine that such consideration of the record is job-related for the position in question and consistent with some business necessity.

Case Study & Results

Adding HireGuide led to significant benefits for a large staffing organization averaging 4,000 screens per month. With the help of Orange Tree's dedicated client care team, this organization implemented HireGuide to comply with its hiring policy. Instead of reviewing every candidate, HireGuide allowed the organization to reduce the number of reviews by 74% and review time by  50% between May and November of 2021.

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Our client saved nearly 300 hours by eliminating manual reviews on candidates that met its hiring policy. Besides the reduction in labor, positions were filled faster. HireGuide reduced average turnaround time by 3 full days. Most importantly, the time savings enabled recruiters to fill more open positions; thus, making the business more productive and profitable.

With Orange Tree, you get a teammate and trusted partner. We design background screening programs in the best interest of our clients.

How can Orange Tree help?

We provide a range of compliance tools to streamline the screening process and keep you in compliance. We offer automated adverse action letters with individualized assessment language and an adjudication tool that supports the regular application of decision criteria within job groups, building consistency in the hiring process.

Orange Tree can configure a solution to match your screening program policies and processes.

Schedule a call to learn how HireGuide can help you maintain a consistent and compliant hiring process.

*The foregoing is not legal advice, express or implied.  We recommend you seek the advice of your own legal counsel for all aspects of employment law.