How to provide a great candidate experience during your hiring process

September 16 2021
3 min read

Would you agree that hiring new people for your company is nothing like it was a decade ago? Of course, you are doing very few things the same with all the technology and other changes.

But the same thing holds for your candidates too. Looking for a job has completely changed. Everything from background checks to completing applications on a smartphone is different than it was a decade ago.

Since your candidates are making judgments on your company just as you are evaluating them, it pays to offer them a great experience. Are you making it easy for them to participate in the process? Will they be impressed by the technology you use? 

How can you make an excellent first impression with candidates?

The technology you use in your hiring process says a lot about your company, and candidates with potentially multiple offers will note what you and your vendors are using. 

At Orange Tree, we use our CandidateConnect portal. This mobile-friendly portal meets them where they are and enables them to complete the background process from their phones.

Perhaps more than any other change in the background check process, the candidate portal has the best chance to give a great first impression to your applicants while also reducing the steps and time involved for everyone. 

What other ways does the portal make it easier for candidates?

In the past, you would have to track down your candidate to get documents and have them provide necessary information for the background screen, but not anymore. If candidates need to upload documents, they can also do it right from their phones. 

It also is electronic-signature enabled. Candidates can sign forms digitally without having to print, sign and scan documents. 

Candidates also access real-time information about their background checks and get notifications for important milestones in the process. 

What if a candidate has a question?

You need to work with a provider that provides candidate support. When your candidates have questions about their background check application, working with someone who can answer their questions and help them troubleshoot the process can significantly impact their experience. 

At Orange Tree, we have a dedicated team that works with your candidates. They provide phone and email support to help candidates with their background check applications and answer any questions they have. We also provide FAQs and handouts to make it easier for candidates to know what’s needed for their background check and how they can provide this information.

Give your candidate a great experience.

The background check is an important part of the hiring process and the last impression your candidate has of your company. You can ensure it's a good one by working with a provider that provides easy-to-use technology and a friendly candidate support team that's there to help them every step of the way.

Do you want to see how Orange Tree can make a difference in your hiring process? Schedule a call today.

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