3 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Background Check Turnaround Time

March 24 2021
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Your goal as the recruiter is to find and hire the most qualified candidate for your open position. A thorough background check helps minimize liability and maintain a safe workplace. But background checks can be the most frustrating part of the hiring process, and one of the most common sources of frustration is slow turnaround time. There are several things you can do to improve the speed of your background checks.

Here are 3 ways to use technology to help improve the turnaround time for your background checks.

1. Leverage front end technology

The best way to speed up the background check process is to ensure that your provider has all the information needed for the check and that it's complete and correct. Work with a background check provider that offers front-end technology that makes it easy for you to initiate orders and provide information for your candidates.

Orange Tree's easy-to-use online interface offers multiple ordering options. It integrates seamlessly into Applicant Tracking Systems to create the most efficient and streamlined screening experience possible for you and your candidates.

We also know that candidates read more than 90% of their texts in less than 3 seconds, so we provide our clients the ability to begin the background screen with a text. This approach has been proven to reduce turnaround time by a day.

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2. Mobilize Your Screening Process

One of the most significant factors in turnaround time can be the responsiveness of the candidate. Background checks can only begin once the candidate provides consent and their personal information. Working with a provider that offers a mobile-optimized candidate portal makes it easy for candidates to sign consent forms and provide information electronically to streamline the screening process and significantly reduce your turnaround time.

Orange Tree's portal, CandidateConnect®, is mobile-friendly and electronic signature enabled. This platform allows you to move all data entry activities to your candidates, reducing turnaround time and time spent calling candidates for missing information. Additionally, it enables candidates to access their screening information in real-time, provides notifications about their background checks, and allows for the mobile upload of required documents.

3. Leverage back-end technology

Another factor that impacts turnaround is the availability of information and how your provider accesses it. Providers can access county and statewide criminal records in a variety of different ways. Depending on the access method, some searches are returned the same day, while others may take several days or more.

Some courthouses provide public terminals, and some background providers have integrations with jurisdictions' online repositories leading to faster results. Other courts require a court-assisted search or an in-person, on-site search which can lead to delays.

The fastest turnaround time is realized when a background check provider directly accesses the court data via technology integration. Just like there are integrations with your applicant tracking system, background check providers can integrate with their research partners.

Orange Tree has integrations with multiple research partners to provide instant access to up-to-date information from the county, state, and federal courts. Additionally, our team continuously evaluates these partnerships to improve our coverage and access to information.

Working with a provider with integrations with research partners and adapts their search method means you can bypass delays caused by natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances.

For example, due to the current climate, temporary court closures across the nation affect the turnaround time and search availability. Despite this, Orange Tree is fulfilling background checks in 99% of the U.S. jurisdictions.

This is because of:

  • Our direct integration that allows us to access court information instantly.
  • Nationwide partner network that enables us to access multiple fulfillment options.
  • Our standard process of adapting our search depending on the state

How the right background check partner can help

Orange Tree provides fast and easy background checks designed to help you get the best talent.
Our technology is easy to use for you and your candidates, which reduces your time-to-hire while creating an enhanced candidate experience. We are keenly aware of your need for fast and accurate background check information. Our nationwide expertise assures you of the highest quality criminal background checks available.

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