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Reduce Turnaround Time and Costs By Using Instant Oral Fluid Testing

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Some companies are starting to incorporate Instant Oral Fluid testing into their drug screening process. Instant Oral Fluid testing is a drug test that gives employers immediate results. This type of drug test may not be a fit for every company, but it is a valuable option that can be cost-efficient and reduce turnaround times for employers.  

What Is Instant Oral Fluid Testing?  

Instant Oral Fluid testing, also known as a saliva test, collects a sample of saliva from inside the donor's mouth. Drugs can be detectable in an Oral Fluid sample within minutes after usage and remain detectable for up to 24 hours after use, making Instant Oral Fluid testing ideal for detecting recent use.

How Is It Conducted?

For an Oral Fluid (Saliva) test, a tester will swab the inside of the mouth to collect saliva. Oral Fluid collections do not require the use of an off-site collection facility. A trained employee can conduct an on-site Oral Fluid collection.

Difference Between Instant Drug Testing and Lab-Based Testing?

Instant Drug Testing:

  • Receive results in minutes
  • Convenient
  • No logistics and testing
  • No reporting delays 
  • Cost-efficient  

Lab-Based Drug Testing:

  • #1 testing method, legal in every state, required by DOT.
  • Federal lab-based urine testing guidelines for 30+ years.
  • Configurable panel.
  • Procedures have withstood legal challenges.
  • Permitted for DOT.

What Should An Organization Consider When Deciding Between Instant Drug Testing vs. Lab-Based Drug Testing?

Every company is different and should research what drug testing program best fits their needs and is compliant with their drug policy. Companies need to consider:

  • Their drug-testing program and policies.
  • State laws in every state you conduct business also play a role.

Lab-based testing has a track record of high reliability and is always appropriate. Given the current state of recruiting and the pressures to get your candidates on board as fast as possible, adding Instant Oral Fluid test to your screening program can help deliver faster results and may reduce your costs. 

Benefits Of Adding Instant Oral Fluid Testing

It Can Reduce Costs

Instant Oral Fluid tests do not have to be performed in a lab; this reduces the cost of collection fees (which can range between 9 to 20+ dollars). Instant Oral Fluid tests are also less expensive than lab-based urine tests, making them a very cost-efficient drug testing option.

It Can Reduce Turnaround Time

Instant Oral Fluid tests provide results instantly. If the results are negative, employers don’t have to wait for the results of the urine tests to start the employee. If the results are positive, employers can order a lab-based urine confirmation test.

How Orange Tree Can Help

Instant Oral Fluid Testing can supplement your drug testing program by creating a fast, convenient, and affordable process that is easy for you and your candidates. 

Orange Tree has created a 2 step process to manage the instant oral fluid test and lab based confirmation test for positive results that can help reduce your turnaround time, costs, and keep you compliant.

Schedule a call to learn more about how Orange Tree can help speed up your hiring process.

We recommend employers review and discuss with your legal counsel your organization’s policies and procedures to ensure continued compliance with the changing laws and regulations.