Orange Tree’s adjudication engine, HireGuide™, is an employment background screening solution designed to automate the decisioning process for employers, particularly those with multiple locations, centralized teams or de-centralized teams. This service helps those managing a large number of applicants; creating efficiencies when a candidate's report is clear and controlling information and permissions when a report requires additional review. HireGuide™ also supports regular application of decision criteria within job groups, building consistency into the hiring process. Developed in response to client feedback around the necessity of adjudication process automation, HireGuide™ is one of Orange Tree’s premier innovations. 

During implementation, Orange Tree will work with you to create a “rules engine”, customizing HireGuide™  to your company’s hiring matrix and employment policies. Upon completion of the background check, Orange Tree will compare your HireGuide matrix to the results of each report and provide a HireGuide result in line with your policy.

By systematically building in consistency and efficiency, HireGuide™ is a key tool to support your team throughout the hiring process.

HireGuide advantages:

  • Supports consistent, company-wide employment decisions within job classifications
  • Minimizes errors throughout the hiring process
  • Reduces the time needed to review results (up to 80%)
  • Identifies candidates eligible for individualized assessment process
  • Supports efficient applicant onboarding