eCup / Instant Urine Drug Screen

For employers seeking a urine drug test that can provide faster results and virtually eliminate the risk of human error, Orange Tree offers an eCup / Instant Urine Drug Screen service capability. eCup is a “smart” cup option that offers rapid, under-seal screening, requiring no human intervention or interpretation. Within one hour, eCup returns results on any negative samples, helping to reduce turnaround time when no drugs are detected in the urine.  

Orange Tree partners with eScreen to offer this 5 panel urine drug screen and manages the specimen collection. In addition, this service includes shipment of presumptive non-negative samples to the laboratory, any Medical Review Officer (MRO) services (if applicable) and result reporting. As a note, this service requires your company to use eScreen in-network collection sites where the eCup service is installed and Alere as the laboratory.

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