Continuous Monitoring 

In order to maintain a safe workplace, employers must be diligent. Post-hire screening helps achieve this objective.


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Why Choose Continuous Monitoring?

Choosing to employ internal policies and practices for continuous monitoring will help ensure the safety and integrity of your workplace, for your employees, customers, and vendors.

If you are not monitoring your employees, you may be unaware of behavioral missteps, criminal charges, or loss of license that makes them a legal liability for your organization. This kind of situation can also have compliance implications if you are in a regulated industry.

What is Continuous Monitoring?

Continuous monitoring is the capability to receive current information on employees regarding their employability status per company policy.

Traditionally, employers ran a background check on their employees only at the time of hire.  Some may have run another check when an employee was promoted to additional levels of responsibility.

Technology innovation by Orange Tree has led to new continuous monitoring offerings for criminal activity and other services.





Benefits of ConstantConnect®

  • Protect your brand reputation.

  • Comply with industry sanction requirements.

  • Ensure eligibility for reimbursement from government programs.

  • Reduce your financial risk e.g. civil penalties, insurance, litigation.

Are you in compliance? 

Orange Tree ensures you are. 


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