National Criminal Records Search (NCRS)

As a Human Resources professional, you understand the importance of finding the right talent - the individual who represents the best fit for the job. Making an informed hiring decision requires you to conduct a thorough background check on your candidate, confirming he or she doesn't have a criminal history you are unaware of. To ensure you have all the facts, consider including a National Criminal Records Search (NCRS) in your employment background screening program. 

Orange Tree’s National Criminal Records Search (NCRS) is an expansive database search that allows us to widen the geographical area searched for potential criminal records. This search helps to catch records that may not show up immediately or in a county or statewide search.

The National Criminal Records Search (NCRS) compiles information from various sources including state Departments of Corrections, Administrative Offices of the Court, County Courts, Departments of Public Safety, Bureaus of Investigations, Criminal Apprehensions and Parole and Probations, County arrest data, and other warrant lists and registries. If a record is located from the National Criminal Records Search (NCRS) during the background screening process, we will conduct an additional search at the jurisdiction level source in order to confirm the accuracy of the record (as required for compliance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)). 

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