Solving the Hiring Puzzle: Strategies for Overcoming HR Challenges

May 4 2023
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The labor market has evolved significantly in recent years, posing new challenges for companies and HR professionals needing to fill positions. As organizations navigate these changes, it's essential to understand the barriers that can hinder the hiring process and explore strategies to overcome them. This post will discuss the primary pain points faced by hiring and HR professionals and offer a few insights into the most effective solutions to tackle these challenges.

The Top Barriers to Hiring

A recent survey conducted by Indeed, as cited in Fortune, reveals the top five barriers organizations encounter during the hiring process. These challenges include:

  • Time it takes to hire (43%)
  • Poor quality of candidates (41%)
  • Competition from other companies (38%)
  • Not enough applicants (31%)
  • Lack of people resources to manage the hiring process (26%)

In this post, we will focus on two of the top barriers identified by HR professionals - the time it takes to hire and the lack of people resources to manage the hiring process.

By understanding these barriers and their implications, organizations can develop strategies to mitigate these challenges, ensuring a more efficient and successful hiring experience for everyone involved (including their candidates).

1. Time It Takes to Hire

The time it takes to hire has become a significant concern for HR professionals. According to a survey conducted by employment agency Robert Half, the average time to hire has increased from 7 weeks in 2021 to 11 weeks today. This prolonged hiring process can have far-reaching consequences, such as financial losses, missed opportunities, and a negative impact on overall business operations. 

To address this challenge, companies can consider the following strategies:

Streamline the interview process

Reducing the number of interview rounds and speeding up decision-making can help accelerate the hiring process. Consider using technology for initial candidate screenings, such as video interviews and pre-employment assessments. You should also consider utilizing background checks earlier in the process to avoid falling in love with a candidate whose history isn’t aligned with your core values.

Efficient background checks

Conducting background checks can be time-consuming, but it's crucial to ensure candidate quality and workplace safety. Partnering with reliable background service providers that offer fast turnaround times and actual client service can help shorten the hiring process without compromising candidate quality.

For instance, Orange Tree's background screening services focus on speed and accuracy, enabling HR professionals to make well-informed hiring decisions more quickly. We focus on doing our job, so you can do more of yours.

2. Lack of People Resources to Manage the Hiring Process

The shrinking number of HR professionals has emerged as another major barrier to hiring. Layoffs and budget constraints have left many HR and talent acquisition departments understaffed and overwhelmed. This lack of resources can lead to inefficient processes and difficulties in managing the hiring workload.

To overcome this barrier, organizations can consider the following solutions:

Utilize technology to automate repetitive tasks

Implementing tools like applicant tracking systems (ATS) and AI-driven recruitment platforms can help reduce manual work, saving time and resources for other essential tasks.

Delegate background check and candidate management

Partnering with background service providers that offer comprehensive candidate management solutions can help ease the burden on HR teams (big or small).

For example, Orange Tree's CandidateConnect® service consolidates candidate information and streamlines the background check process, allowing team leaders to focus on their job. Additionally, Orange Tree prioritizes providing top-notch client services to address the all-too-common pain point of poor customer support in the background screening industry. Our dedicated account managers ensure that you have a single point of contact who understands your business, your needs, and your hiring policies. 

In conclusion

By adopting technology-driven solutions, streamlining, or condensing the interview process, and partnering with vetted background service providers who have your best interest in mind, HR professionals can effectively tackle these challenges and improve their hiring process on day 1.

Why Orange Tree?

Orange Tree Employment Screening helps companies win their race to fill open positions by providing fast and easy background check and drug testing services. We are committed to helping companies create safer workplaces, mitigate financial risk, and avoid legal exposure. We forge long-term partnerships with our clients by offering a full range of technology-led screening solutions predicated on best practice and legally defensible screening programs.

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