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September 5 2023
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As businesses grow more competitive and the average job becomes more complex, people will increasingly turn to staffing agencies to fill open positions.

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Why should staffing companies perform background checks?

According to the American Staffing Association, companies across the U.S. hire nearly 15 million temporary and contract workers each year. Nine out of 10 of people who get a job through a staffing firm said the agency makes them more employable.

With so many people being filtered through these organizations, agencies must take care to make sure they are placing the right candidates. Although the average tenure of a temporary employee is just three months, a person can do serious damage to a business’s reputation within that time frame. Vetting candidates ahead of their start date helps staffing agencies place the right person with the right company.

That said, not all background screening vendors are created equal. Staffing agencies need an experienced, credentialed partner that understands time is money and helps you place candidates fast. In short, they need Orange Tree.

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What kind of background checks should staffing companies perform? 

Staffing agencies best serve the needs of their clients when they conduct comprehensive background checks on the candidates they place. While a brief criminal search works for some positions, others - like those dealing with sensitive populations (children, the disabled, the elderly, etc.) or where security is an issue (banking, government contractors, etc.) - need multidatabase background checks regardless of the duration of the position or other hiring terms. 

This can present a problem, as the numerous resources and intricacies of a background check can be too much for some vendors. What’s more, not every position requires the same screening process. 

For example, a background check for a temporary truck driving position isn’t the same for a contract graphic designer and vice versa. This is why staffing agencies should partner with a knowledgeable third-party background screening service that can customize packages by position.

How the right background check provider can help.

1) Reduce time-to-hire.

Speed is of the utmost importance for staffing agencies. The faster they fill an open position, the sooner they can bill the client and free up workloads for more placements. Therefore, they need a screening partner that can quickly perform criminal searches and process background information within a limited time. 

Orange Tree performs background checks quickly and efficiently, ensuring firms get results in a timely manner. Additionally, our industry-leading candidate portal CandidateConnect® keeps jobseekers engaged throughout the screening process, automatically prompting them for any missing information. This further decreases time-to hire by half a day.

2) Tailor screening packages.

Does a temporary manufacturing employee need the same background check as a contract software engineer? Probably not, which is why a good screening vendor tailors its services based on the position.

3) Build better client relationships and protect your brand.

Unfortunately, some people lie on their resume. This is why staffing agencies should make sure to work with a background screening provider that can provide verification services to confirm their contractor is who they say they are. Orange Tree provides comprehensive verification of education, licenses, and employment history.

4) Provide a better candidate experience.

A poor background check process can cause the perfect candidate to reconsider the position in question. That’s why you want a screening partner that also focuses on reducing friction for all parties, not just you or your clients. Orange Tree’s CandidateConnect® makes it easy for candidates to submit the necessary background check information straight from their mobile device. What’s more, text/email alerts and ETAs keep them engaged through every stage of the process.

5) Simplify your workflow experience.

A background check provider that can integrate with your applicant tracking system or has easyto-use technology can create workflows that are simple and easy to complete in one system. Orange Tree partners with the ATS of your choice to keep the background check process as convenient as possible. Interested in learning how Orange Tree can help your staffing agency? Schedule a call to learn about our partnerships!

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If you’re ready to update your background check procedures, reach out to us at Orange Tree and we’d be happy to discuss the background check program that’s best for your staffing business. At Orange Tree, we have spent more than 30 years developing an accelerated background check process to address the common challenge of lengthy turnaround times. By leveraging advanced technology and streamlined workflows, we can provide faster and more efficient background checks that minimize wait times and enable our staffing clients to make informed hiring decisions more promptly.

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