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15 September 2021
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Orange Tree Employment Screening, a leader in the global background screening industry, has announced a new partnership with Ferretly, the social media screening company that leverages AI and machine learning. “We are very excited to be partnered with Orange Tree, a long-time leader in the background screening space,” said Darrin Lipscomb, CEO, Ferretly. “Orange Tree will bring our world-class AI-powered social media screening solution to their customers across the United States.”

Companies can screen against 12 different risk factors:

  • Hate Speech: Derogatory, abusive, and/or threatening statements toward a specific group of people typically based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Political Speech: Statements considered relating to politics or governmental affairs.  This could include politicians, policies, or the political process. These often focus on specific issues such as abortion, environmental, immigration, etc.
  • Insults and Bullying: Name-calling or derogatory statements toward an individual about their physical characteristics such as weight, height, looks, intelligence, etc.
  • Obscene Language: Profanity, cursing, swearing or in general crude or vulgar words and phrases.
  • Self-Harm: Indications of wanting to hurt oneself or take one’s own life intentionally.
  • Threats of Violence: An intent to inflict harm or loss of another person’s life.
  • Toxic Language: A way of communicating that is considered rude, disrespectful, blaming, labelling, or using guilt.
  • Narcotics: Statements related to drugs and alcohol use including slang words, street names, and phrases.
  • Drug Related Images: Images of pills, syringes, paraphernalia, and alcohol.  It may include smoking, drinking, and injections.
  • Violent Images: Images of disfigurations, open wounds, burns, crime scenes and guns/weapons.
  • Explicit/Racy Images: Mostly explicit nudity, adult content, pornographic content.
  • Keywords: Flags posts based on matches (text or images) to custom keywords provided.  Keywords can be designated negative, positive, or neutral.

According to Jeff Ernste, Orange Tree’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “Orange Tree is continuously optimizing the solutions that we provide to our customers. Ferretly is one of many cutting-edge tools that contribute to our full-service background screening service, we are pleased to announce our partnership.”

About Orange Tree Employment Screening

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About Ferretly International, LLC

Ferretly International, LLC, founded in 2019, provides forward-thinking technologies that help organizations better manage risk. By incorporating machine learning and a modern cloud-based architecture, we are at the cutting edge of applying big data solutions and artificial intelligence to improve overall security and risk intelligence for the customers we serve.  For additional information or to request a demo, visit or

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