Nevada Traffic Law Change Precedes Fatal Bicycle Crash with Reckless Las Vegas Driver Ticketed 19 Times Previously

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14 November 2023
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The Las Vegas police had issued at least 19 tickets to a man whose reckless driving resulted in the death of a bicyclist. The victim, Nathan “Nate” Miller, died following the collision that occurred last month. The driver, who was just arrested last week, now faces charges of reckless driving resulting in death and child abuse or endangerment, as well as multiple charges related to not having a driver's license, registration, or insurance. 

Unfortunately, nothing had been done about the driver’s reckless driving until this tragedy struck. While he owed nearly $2,000 in traffic fines, a recent state law change decriminalizing minor traffic infractions meant that there were no warrants issued for the fines, and many cases had no further documented events beyond the initial citation issuance. The victim’s family and others are calling for harsher consequences to help prevent something similar from happening in the future.

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