Common background screening packages for employees in finance roles.


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Trust is an essential commodity in the finance industry. When you are making hiring decisions, you must be able to swiftly assess the honesty and authenticity of each person you are considering.

To accomplish this, you need a partner who can rapidly provide you with a thorough evaluation of your candidates’ character, as well as a detailed review of their qualifications. You also need the flexibility to customize the data you receive to best reflect the responsibilities and expectations of each position you are attempting to fill.

Orange Tree can accomplish this quickly and accurately, so you can make vital business decisions with maximum confidence.


Services by Role

The information you need about a candidate can vary depending on the position you are hiring for. Here is an example of a service package for common finance roles:

Finance | Orange Tree

Finance Employees

  • Social Security Number (SSN) Trace
  • National Criminal Records Search
  • County & State Criminal Records Search
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control Search
  • Sex Offender Registry (SOR) Search
  • Education & Employment Verifications

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Criminal Background Checks

Our Services

The following services are often included in background checks within the finance industry.

Criminal Background Checks

Our extensive criminal background checks can include thorough searches of local, county, state, and federal records, as well as the national sex offender registry. We can also trace a candidate’s Social Security number to document their address history and ascertain if any other names have ever been associated with their SSN.

International Background Checks

We can access information from more than 200 countries to document a candidate’s driving record, education, licensure, credit, and criminal history. This service can include searching the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list, which is maintained by the US Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Drug Testing

Maintaining a substance-free workplace is critical for both the safety and effectiveness of your team. Our drug-testing options, which include urine, hair, and oral fluid tests, may help you identify candidates with substance abuse concerns that could threaten the integrity of your organization.

Employment Verifications

Orange Tree’s employment verifications ensure that the information a candidate provided to you about their work history is accurate and trustworthy. This service can also help you identify discrepancies that may undermine the reliability of the candidate’s resume or application.

Education Verifications 

Educational achievement is a nonnegotiable requirement for most positions in the finance industry. Our education verification service can confirm information such as the school the candidate attended, their field of study, their graduation date, and the degree they earned.

License Verifications

Many finance professionals need to earn and maintain certifications and/or licensures. Our license verification service can determine if a candidate has earned the credentials that they are required by law to possess.

Reference Verifications

In addition to validating the authenticity of all information provided by candidates themselves, it can also be important to review reliable third-party assessments of their abilities, experience, and character. Our team can contact references to collect and confirm this valuable information.

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