Candidate Experience

In today's competitive hiring market, every tiny detail can make all the difference. Qualified candidates are more discerning than ever about their potential employers, meaning businesses need to pull out all the stops to seal the deal. 

When it comes to hiring, you need to ensure your candidate experience isn't turning away top talent. Orange Tree helps you by making the background check process as frictionless as possible. We ensure you perform the right criminal search and don't miss an adverse action letter or compliance regulation so you can Hire with Confidence™.

Improving the Candidate Experience

These days, candidates see the hiring experience as an introduction to company culture. They want to be treated with respect, as this gives them an idea of how they'll be treated on the job.

Don't miss out on your top hire. With Orange Tree, you can improve the candidate experience by:

  • Fulfilling candidate expectations for mobile access. American job seekers would complete the entire job hunt and hiring process on their phone if they could.
  • Reducing time-to-hire. It takes almost a month to fill an open position, but with Orange Tree's CandidateConnect™, you reduce that time by half a day.
  • Keeping candidates engaged throughout the background check process. This crucial time between employment offer and start date can discourage candidates if you're not careful.


At Orange Tree, we strive to fulfill the background screening and ATS integration needs of businesses across industries. That's why we created CandidateConnect™ - a revolutionary background check portal. This tool keeps candidates involved throughout the background screening process, letting them upload documents and check their status right from their mobile device.

CandidateConnect's™ key portal features include:

  • Smartphone/tablet-ready software so you're always within reach.
  • The ability to upload and download documents via mobile.
  • Customizable client branding.
  • Real-time progress tracking.
  • Prompted tasks to alert candidates of missing information.
  • Messages, including estimated completion times, sent via text or email according to the candidate's preferences.
  • The ability for candidates to contact Orange Tree directly.
  • E-signature.
  • Pre- and final adverse action letters.
  • 24/7 availability.

If you're looking for the best experience to transition a candidate to an employee, don't hesitate to partner with us!