Social Security Number Trace

An essential part of an employment background screening program is the Social Security Number Trace.

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What is a Social Security Number Trace? 


A Social Security Number Trace provides names (including AKA’s or aliases) and addresses associated with the Social Security number provided. Names and addresses identified from the Social Security Number Trace are then used to broaden the scope of criminal history services.

This search not only helps to confirm your applicant’s identity but provides value to other areas of the background check such as criminal record searches, the National Criminal Record Search, and National Sex Offender Registry.

Orange Tree's Social Security Number Trace 

 A request is submitted to a major credit bureau for “credit header” data associated with a consumer’s social security number.  The default credit bureau is CSC/Equifax. 

Data returned from the bureau may include addresses and names associated with the social security number in the bureau’s database, a range of years during which Social Security Number (SSN) could have been issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA) or if it was never issued by the SSA, the state from which the SSN was issued, and when appropriate whether the SSN was issued to an individual now reported by the SSA to be deceased, or issued within the last five years.

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