Adverse Action

In support of helping our customers remain compliant, Orange Tree offers complete adverse action letter fulfillment. Our Adverse Action service builds compliance within the process when a candidate fails to meet the employment criteria required to qualify for your open position. 

During implementation, we will work with you to configure your pre-adverse action and final adverse action letters. Once you are considering making an adverse hiring decision, simply notify us to initiate the Adverse Action letter service and we’ll begin mailing the pre-adverse action letters along with copies of each applicant’s consumer report and all applicable “Summary of Rights” documents (federal and state).

After five days or longer (per your instruction), if the applicant has not disputed the contents of their consumer report, Orange Tree will mail the final adverse action letter to the applicant along with all applicable “Summary of Rights” documents (federal and state). Should the candidate dispute, we will conduct all re-investigation required to further build compliance within your process.

For future reference, copies of each letter sent will be attached to the applicant profile and viewable on the Orange Tree online portal.