Employment Verification

A common portion of a comprehensive employment background screening program includes verification of the information provided by a candidate regarding employment history. Performing this verification allows you to move forward with a qualified candidate with assurance, having validated their professional experience and employment history. 

When completing an Employment Verification, Orange Tree will confirm all applicant employment within the timeframe specified by you during setup. In addition to verifying employment, we will confirm the employment dates and position or title provided. While conducting this background check service, Orange Tree will make at least three valid attempts (a valid attempt is defined as an attempt where there is evidence to believe that the contact is the best possible source of the information) over a minimum of three business days. As a note, this service excludes verification of self employment or military employment.

In support of your background screening program’s unique needs, Orange Tree offers the following optional Employment Verification service add-ons:

  • When verification of your applicant’s employment is not successful, Orange Tree will contact him or her and ask for valid documentation of employment. Your role as client is to provide criteria regarding what is acceptable per your company policy.
  • When verification of employment is not successful, Orange Tree will continue to make additional attempts (as defined by your business requirements during setup).
  • When verification of employment is not successful, Orange Tree will contact the IRS for copy of the applicant’s W-2 form. As a note, a hand-signed special form from the applicant will be required, and a fee will apply.

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