Education Verification

Orange Tree’s Education Verification confirms the degree, diploma (or GED) or certificate obtained or attended, as reported by the applicant. In addition, attendance dates, graduation date and major (or field of study) may be verified. We will make at least three valid attempts (defined as an attempt where there is evidence to believe that the contact is the best possible source of the information) over a minimum of three business days. 

To make sure all of the unique needs of your background screening program are met, Orange Tree offers the following optional Education Verification service add-ons:

  • When the verification of your candidate’s degree, diploma or certificate is not successful, Orange Tree will contact the applicant via email and ask him or her to produce valid documentation of the degree, diploma or certificate.
  • If the applicant provides documentation to verify the degree, diploma or certificate, Orange Tree will attempt to contact the institution or governing body to verify its authenticity.
  • If verification of a high school diploma or certificate is not successful, Orange Tree will attempt to contact a post-high school educational institution to determine whether or applicant was admitted, and if so, whether a high school diploma or certification was required for admittance.

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