Drug and Health Services

Orange Tree offers a multitude of drug and health screening services to validate employee safety and compliance. 

Our Partners

Orange Tree partners with leading drug testing and occupational health companies. The drug testing labs we partner with for urine-based testing are Quest Diagnostics and Alere (provided by eScreen). These providers are certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). For hair drug testing, we partner with Psychemedics, Quest Diagnostics, and Alere.

Our Process

Orange Tree leads with an electronic chain-of-custody for drug testing and health services. You place an order with us and we handle the rest.

Recruiters can track the candidate's registration, the specimen's progression from receipt to completion, and the final result in our ClientConnectTM portal.  The information is reported to you in real-time.

While we lead with an electronic chain-of-custody process for drug and health services, we understand this may not represent the best fit for every client. If none of the collection sites within acceptable proximity are able to support a paperless process, or you simply prefer a paper method, Orange Tree is happy to provide a paper chain-of-custody process for your drug and health services program.

Our Services

Urine Drug Test

Employers looking to confirm that their candidate or current employee is drug-free most commonly use urine testing drug screens. For our urine drug test, we offer 5, 7, 9 or 10 panel urine drug testing through one of our partners. Occasionally, clients may need additional panels in their urine drug testing program. Requests for expanded panels are typically able to be accommodated. Please contact us for more information.

Our urine drug test service will facilitate urine sample collection at one of the partner’s collection sites, shipment of the urine sample to the laboratory, Medical Review Officer (MRO) services (if applicable), and result reporting.

eCup / Instant Urine Drug Test

For employers seeking a urine drug test that can provide faster results and virtually eliminate the risk of human error, Orange Tree offers an eCup / instant urine drug screen service capability. eCup is a “smart” cup option that offers rapid, under-seal screening, requiring no human intervention or interpretation. Within one hour, eCup returns results on any negative samples, helping to reduce turnaround time when no drugs are detected in the urine.

Orange Tree partners with eScreen to offer this 5-panel urine drug screen and manages the specimen collection. In addition, this service includes shipment of presumptive non-negative samples to the laboratory, any Medical Review Officer (MRO) services (if applicable) and result reporting. As a note, this service requires your company to use eScreen in-network collection sites where the eCup service is installed and Alere as the laboratory.

Registration of Sample Collection

Orange Tree’s goal to ensure your screening program runs as efficiently as possible. We work to assume as much of the administration duties as possible, so you can focus on other aspects of your job.

For the registration of drug test sample collection, Orange Tree will register your applicant for a urine or hair drug test using an online process. First, Orange Tree will identify a primary and secondary lab partner.

Hair Drug Screen

One size doesn’t always fit all, and when your business requires a more in-depth look at a candidate or employee’s potential substance abuse, Orange Tree’s Hair Drug Screen may be the best solution. Hair drug testing offers the longest detection window of the specimen types commonly tested by employers, designed to detect drug use between one week and 3 months from use. Additionally, the process of collecting a hair drug test sample provides a measure of protection against attempts at specimen substitution.

Our hair drug screen service includes shipping the sample from collection facility to laboratory, analysis at the laboratory, any necessary medical review officer (MRO) services and the final screen reporting.

Random Drug Testing Program

The nature of certain businesses requires additional precautionary measures that identify employee substance abuse. For employers looking for this assurance, and where allowed by state law, a random drug testing program is a good fit.

Orange Tree’s offers a random drug testing service which covers the administration of random drug testing programs. This service includes the random draw of employees to be tested and notification to you on whom the selected individuals are.

Breath Alcohol Test

Orange Tree offers employers a breath alcohol test service.

Certain industries (including those regulated by the Department of Transportation) require breath alcohol testing as part of your drug and occupational health screening program. Access to breath alcohol testing is particularly critical after an incident has occurred and your policy requires that alcohol use must be ruled out as a factor. 

In the event an accident does occur, it is important to administer a breath alcohol test within a specific time frame determined by factors such as DOT regulation or your company policy.

For businesses requiring access to breath alcohol testing all hours of the day, Orange Tree is able to offer an on-site breath alcohol test solution for additional charge.

DOT Federally Regulated Urine Drug Test

Orange Tree offers urine drug testing that meets all requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Our DOT federally regulated urine drug screen service includes facilitation of specimen collection, shipment costs from collection site to lab, lab analysis, any pertinent medical review officer (MRO) services and final drug test reporting.

DOT Federally Regulated Random Drug Testing Program

Maintaining compliance in a DOT regulated industry often means implementing a DOT-compliant random drug testing component as a part of your drug testing program.

To help employers meet these regulations, Orange Tree will administer your random drug testing program. Such administration will be conducted in accordance with applicable law, DOT regulations and the regulations of specific DOT agencies, as applicable. Our random drug testing program includes the random draw of employees to be tested and notification to you on whom the selected individuals are.

Additionally, Orange Tree offers the following drug and health screening services: 

  • Physicals
  • Vaccinations
  • Post-Accident
  • Nicotine Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion 
  • On-site Mobile Collections