County/Statewide Criminal Records Search

Search methods for the County/Statewide Criminal Records Search vary by jurisdiction, but in all cases, Orange Tree balances the need for accuracy and thorough search methods with the expectation of efficiency and speed.  Certain counties allow only for a court clerk-assisted search, or an in-person, on-site search of records at the court.  In those cases, the search is completed by the court clerk, or the researchers on-site at the county courthouse, or by the same repositories utilized by the court clerk.  In other cases, the same information is available via online search. If so, the online search is completed (sometimes by a researcher, sometimes using an automated technology) as the repositories allow. After the search has been completed, researchers will report all available felony and misdemeanor conviction records that the court has available, including deferred records, pending records, failure to appear & warrant information.  

As a standard operating procedure, Orange Tree recommends criminal searches in certain states be pursued as a Statewide Criminal Records Search instead of a county criminal search. This is an option where the statewide criminal record repository provides information that is the same as or more inclusive than a county search, ultimately translating to full statewide records for the effort and price of a single county search, instead of being charged by the county for access to the same information. 


Statewide Criminal Records Search

A Statewide Criminal Records Search obtains criminal records from various sources depending on each state system (i.e. state repositories, state agencies, and unified all-county databases). Statewide Criminal Records Searches are done on an “as available” basis, as not all states have a publically accessible repository, provide timely access or full and accurate records.

Orange Tree will search for and report all available felony and misdemeanor conviction records that the statewide repository makes available, and in addition, deferred, pending, fail to appear and warrant information in accordance to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 


Federal Criminal Records Search

Federal criminal records are cases associated with federal law and can include things like:

  • Cases of stolen goods
  • Bank robbery
  • Embezzlement
  • Counterfeiting
  • Terrorism
  • Weapons violations
  • Drug trafficking
  • Interstate crimes
  • Crimes committed on Federal property

For our Federal Criminal Records Search service, Orange Tree Employment Screening researchers complete searches for federal criminal records using the same online repositories utilized by the federal court clerks. Researchers report all available felony and misdemeanor records that the court has available in accordance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

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