County & Federal Civil Court Records Searches

Identification of top talent is supported through the use of a comprehensive background screening program. Particularly when hiring for positions of trust or leadership, your employment background screening program may include a County or Federal Civil Court Records Search. On their own, the presence of civil court records in an applicant’s background may not speak to their reputation or fitness for the job; however, if they accompany a myriad of other criminal records or show up in high quantity, prevalence of civil records may raise red flags during the hiring process. 

Civil court records searches may identify the following, based on the type of service being run (County Civil Records Search vs. Federal Civil Records Search) and the corresponding scope during setup:

  • Lawsuits
  • Judgments
  • Tax liens
  • Bankruptcy filings (federal civil record search only)

Orange Tree offers clients two different Civil Court Records Searches - County and Federal - which compile records from the applicable county or federal courthouse or by the same repository utilized by the court clerk.

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