At Orange Tree, we believe in helping employers find the candidate who represents the best fit for their open position. Background checks play a key role during the assessment process, and one of the most essential areas for consideration is an applicant's criminal history.  

To help our clients identify potential risk, Orange Tree offers a variety of criminal records searches that provide a comprehensive look at the applicant’s criminal background.

Orange Tree Criminal Background Research Services:

Orange Tree’s County Criminal Records Search is completed by our researchers on-site at the county courthouse or by the same repositories utilized by the [...]

As a Human Resources professional, you understand the importance of finding the right talent - the individual who represents the best fit for the job. Making an informed hiring decision [...]

Identification of top talent is supported through the use of a comprehensive background screening program. Particularly when hiring for positions of trust or leadership, your employment background screening [...]

The healthcare industry requires certain specialized screening to ensure the individuals or entities being hired or retained as employees or vendors have no incidents on their records involving [...]

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Debarment List is another key tool in a comprehensive employment background screening program, particularly for the food manufacturing and drug manufacturing [...]

If your organization has a global presence, or you routinely find yourself hiring non-US applicants, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List may be [...]

The Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (FACIS®) is a proprietary database that consists of publically available records of sanctions and adverse actions taken in the healthcare field. [...]

When it comes to building an organization of top talent, you need to ensure the protection of your business and the safety of your employees and clients. To mitigate the risk of hiring [...]