Professional Reference Verification

This article will help you understand what a Professional Reference Verification is, why it is important, and what type of information it provides.

Before making an employment decision, you may want to gather perspective from another party who has had professional experience with the candidate (e.g. former boss, colleague, etc.) via reference check. This information provides insight as to the candidate’s track record of performance and capabilities.

Orange Tree's Professional Reference Verification process

For our Professional Reference Verification service, Orange Tree will contact former co-workers, supervisors and colleagues that have been provided by the applicant to obtain a professional reference. 

Orange Tree offers clients a set of standard reference questions which may be used during a Professional Reference Verification. Otherwise, this set of questions and the total number of valid attempts can be configured and customized to your preference during setup, based on the requirements of your business.

Orange Tree defines a "valid" attempt as one where there is evidence to believe we have contacted the best possible source of the information.

Understanding Professional Reference Verification Results

The professional reference service will include the name of the reference contacted, the reference’s job title, the company where reference and applicant worked together (as appropriate), their professional relationship, and the responses provided to each of the reference questions for each reference. 

Professional references-1

The purpose of a professional reference is to obtain information regarding the applicant’s work record and capabilities