International Criminal History

We provide comprehensive International Screening Services that screen candidates living in the U.S. who have previously lived, worked, or studied in other countries. 

The International Criminal History service is available in over 200 countries. The searches are conducted in the best available legal source of the requested country. The number of years searched, the source searched and what can be reported vary by country. The scope of the International Criminal History check is defined during setup. Additional information or forms may be required.

Orange Tree's International Criminal History Process 

Orange Tree conducts an international criminal record search through an international research partner. An international criminal record search can be conducted in nearly every country.  We will report crimes or offenses that are comparable to felonies in the United States.  Less serious offenses are reported when they are found. 

Availability and source varies by country. We use all available sources to search to the extent possible in that country.

Understanding International Criminal History Results

The international criminal service report will include an overall result and status, and if a record is located the record may include the following information:

  • Level of offense (if comparable to US offense types)
  • Charge
  • Disposition
  • and age of record.