International Employment Verification

This article will help you understand what an International Employment Verification is and what type of information it provides.

The Employment Verification service verifies the information provided by the Candidate regarding their employment history. Typical areas verified include dates of employment and position/title.

Orange Tree's International Employment Verification process 

Orange Tree researchers conduct International Employment Verifications in person, by phone, fax, online, and through integration. The scope of the International Employment Verification is defined during setup. Possible scope could include a set number of employments (e.g. two most recent) or a range of years of employment (e.g. past seven years). 

Orange Tree will not verify employment that is identified as “current” or “present” without express consent from the applicant.

At least four valid attempts are made. An attempt is valid when there is reason to believe the correct entity has been contacted. This service excludes verification of self- employment or military employment.

Understanding International Employment Verification Results

All employment verification services have the same reporting format. The city and state
the employer is located, details on who verified the information, and the service completion
date is provided.

In addition to confirming employment, the report generally includes verification of provided dates of employment, and title.

Discrepancy Criteria:

  • Employment - unable to verify employment reported
  • Dates of employment  - verified dates of employment (start or end) are more than 3 months (before or after)  from what the applicant reported
  • Title - Verified difference between the title reported and the title verified, where titles are dissimilar