How do I schedule my drug test using eScreen?

In this article and tutorial, we walk you through how to schedule your drug test using eScreen. We explain each step, from the drug test invitation, to choosing a clinic and downloading your ePassport (Chain of Custody form).

Don't have time to go through the tutorial? Click here to download a PDF copy of the tutorial to take with you. 

1. Click the 'personalized link' in the email to get started. 

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2. A web browser will open to the CandidateConnect screen.   

Click START to continue. 

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3. Click to verify your Date of Birth.

Step 3 image

4. And the last four digits of your Social Security Number. 

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5. Click to Verify

Step 5 image

6. Click to view 'Drug Test Instructions'. 

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7. Here you are provided the date the collection must be completed by, and instructions to check your inbox for an email from eScreen to schedule your drug test. 

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8. Click on the link in the email to visit eScreengo. 

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9. Input your last name to confirm your personal information. 

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10. Input email address to confirm your contact information. 

Step 10 image

11. Click Get Started

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12. Your information will auto populate in the required fields. 

Step 12 image

13. Click next to continue. 

Step 13 image

14. Search for a clinic by zip code, city/state. 

Step 14 image

15. Or click 'Use My Location' to use your current location. 

Step 15 image

16. A list of clinics will be provided by distance. 

Step 16 image

17. Click 'More Info'. 

Step 17 image

18. You can view clinic hours. 

Step 18 image

19. And if an appointment is required or if walk-ins are allowed. 

Step 19 image

20. Click to Select Clinic

Step 20 image

21. The ePassport will automatically be sent to your email. 

You can also text or email yourself a copy. 

Step 21 image

22. You can also download a copy of your ePassport. 

Step 22 image

23. You will receive an email from eScreen with a copy of your ePassport.

Step 23 image

24. Your confirmation number. 

Step 24 image

25. And the clinic information. 

Step 25 image

26. For driving directions, click the 'Click Here' link.

Step 26 image

27. You can input your address to receive step by step directions to the clinic. 

This concludes the tutorial. Thank you! 

Step 27 image

Here's an interactive tutorial


How to schedule your eScreen drug test. 

Step 1. You will receive an email from Orange Tree ( letting you know that your employer requires that you take a drug test as part of the background screening process. To get started, click the personalized link in the email. 

Step2.  You will be redirected to the candidate portal where you will find your drug test instructions, including:

  • The date the collection must be made by 
  • Instructions to check your inbox for an email from eScreen to schedule your drug test. 

Drug test phone and laptop -1-1

Step 3. Click on the link in the email from eScreen to visit eScreengo to schedule your drug test and input your last name and email address to confirm your contact information. Your information will pre-populate in the about you section. 

Step 4. You can search for a clinic using your zip, city, or state. You also have the option to search for clinics using your current location. Once you have your clinic selected, you can download your ePassport and choose to have it emailed or texted to you. 

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