Employment Verification

This article will help you understand what an employment verification is, why it's important, and what type of information it provides.

A common portion of a comprehensive employment background screening program includes verification of the information provided by a candidate regarding employment history. Performing this verification allows you to move forward with a qualified candidate with assurance, having validated their professional experience and employment history.

The employment verification service provides confirmation of claimed employment as reported by the candidate or as requested by the Client. In addition, employment dates, and title may be verified.

Orange Tree's employment verification process

When completing an Employment Verification, we will confirm all of your candidate's employment history within the timeframe specified by you during setup. In addition to verifying employment, we will confirm the employment dates and position, or title provided. We will make at least three valid attempts (over a minimum of three business days).


Orange Tree defines a “valid attempt” as a phone number in which verification information can be obtained. Incorrect phone numbers nor reaching out to candidates for correct information are not defined as “valid attempts” and does not count against the total number of attempts being made to verify information.

Orange Tree offers the following add-on services: 

  1. When verification of your Candidate’s employment is not successful, Orange Tree will contact the Candidate via CandidateConnect to request the Candidate produce valid documentation of employment. The Client must provide criteria regarding what is acceptable documentation per your business requirements during setup.
  2. When verification of employment is not successful, Orange Tree will continue to make additional attempts (the number of additional attempts to be defined by Client business requirements during setup).
  3. When verification of employment is not successful, Orange Tree will contact the IRS for copy of the Candidate’s W-2 form. A hand-signed special form from the Candidate is required and pass-through fees apply.
  4. The Work Number® reporting can be configured to include alternate predefined time periods (as elected by Client, based on Client business requirements during setup).

Understanding Employment Verification Results 

All employment verification services have the same reporting format. The city and state
the employer is located, details on who verified the information, and the service completion
date is provided.laptop verifications-2

The 'Provided' column is the information provided for the order. The 'Actual' column is the information verified. Any discrepant information will be in bold font.

Discrepancy Criteria:

  • Employment - unable to verify employment reported
  • Dates of employment - verified dates of employment (start or end) are more than 3 months (before or after) from what the applicant reported
  • Title - Verified difference between the title reported and the title verified, where titles are dissimilar