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The Benefits of Modern Integrations

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The benefits of using an outside background screening solution for your hiring process is that it takes the weight of those processes off the shoulders of your HR managers, hiring managers, candidates, and IT resources.  If it’s not doing that, it may be time to upgrade.

Any solution worth purchasing should have integrations that are fast and easy to set up.  These modern integrations are essential to a hiring process that works both for your business and for your candidates. Look for a solution with modern integrations to enjoy the following benefits.


Fully Accommodating

Any third party screening solution you choose should fully accommodate your hiring process.  This means it should make it incredibly easy to communicate with your candidates at all times.  On top of that, the screening company you work with, should handle information securely and be certified for data security and compliance standards.  

The process should be fully mobile, allowing your candidates to communicate, upload, and access their documents right from their phone.  It should also be virtually limitless, allowing for any and all types of screenings and checks relevant to your company or the position at hand.

Fast and Easy

Starting with activation all the way to implementation and completion of screenings, the process should be fast and easy with little to no hiccups. The process should put the candidate experience first, this gives you as an employer the upper-hand when hiring strong candidates. No one likes to wait around, especially when the strongest candidates now have recruiters contacting them nonstop. 

Reduce Your Work

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, the purpose of hiring an outside provider is to take that particular task off of your desk and into the hands of a trustworthy, able partner.  The solution should reduce the amount of work and the amount of time you put into the hiring process. Your IT staff, while typically involved in implementing your ATS integrations, should be completely free those tasks, because your screening solution should be fully capable of set-up without technical resources involved.

Fully Configurable

This kind of screening solution allows you to configure the process by position, this means that when you place an order, only the items you determine necessary for that position are collected.  A solution configurable based on things like state requirements and other regulations gives you peace of mind that any screening process done will be fully in compliance.

It’s a candidate-run market out there, and in order to get a leg up on your competition, you need a modern, fast and easy, candidate-focused hiring process, fully leveraging HR technologies.  We can provide that and more for you, learn more by scheduling a meeting with us.