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Streamline Your Hiring Process in the Digital Age

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Your goal as the recruiter is to find and hire the most qualified candidate for your open position. A thorough background screening program helps you hire with confidence, minimize your liability, and maintain a safe workplace.

But background checks can be the most frustrating part of the hiring process. Vague product descriptions, hidden terms and fees, and slow turnaround times are common in the background industry. This significantly affects your business.

Orange Tree understands your need for clarity and speed. We simplify background checks, so employers and candidates can feel confident about their decisions.

Optimize Your Candidate’s Experience

Your candidates’ experience during the hiring process matters. 

Candidates who face a lengthy hiring process often feel their time has not been respected and are more likely to withdraw from consideration. 

Those with positive experiences are more likely to accept the offer, re-apply, and refer others to your business. 

Orange Tree has developed CandidateConnect® with both candidates and recruiters in mind. This easy-to-use, mobile-friendly background solution helps you create a seamless and professional experience for your candidates.

Engaging your candidates during every step of the hiring process is the best way to ensure a positive candidate experience. CandidateConnect® allows applicants to submit information and track the status of their background checks in real-time via their tablet or smartphone. In addition, timely alerts and ETAs sent directly to them through the application will keep candidates informed.

Mobilize Your Screening Process

According to a 2019 Pew Research study, roughly 81% of Americans own smartphones. Today's technology enables smartphone users to access information quickly and easily from any location.

Technology is also an essential part of the hiring process. Your candidates primarily use their phones to search job boards, navigate job searches, and interact with you and other recruiters. Your business must remain accessible so potential applicants can find you.

But you shouldn’t stop optimizing online once the candidate has applied for your open position. That’s why we designed CandidateConnect® as a mobile-friendly tool to help you provide your candidates with the best experience during the background check.

CandidateConnect®’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to connect with your business from any location at any point during the hiring process. 

Here are some other mobile features included in CandidateConnect®

  • E-signature.
  • Real-time updates and progress tracking.
  • Single order background screen and drug test.
  • Document upload and download.
  • Alerts to show missing information.
  • Customized communication by text or email.
  • Ability for candidates to contact Orange Tree for support.

Reclaim Time and Energy

Orange Tree understands employers want their hiring process to be quick and efficient. With CandidateConnect®, you will reduce the time you spend responding to questions from candidates. We work directly with your candidates.

Also, with Orange Tree’s fast and accurate background solutions, you won’t waste time waiting for slow results. You can reduce your turnaround time of your background check by nearly one day. 

Build a Strong Brand

CandidateConnect® also enables you to showcase your brand throughout the background screening process. Easily customize the display to include your logo, brand colors, and font.

This allows you to build brand recognition and gain a competitive edge in the market while you present a professional and organized front to your prospective employees. 

Your candidates will feel connected to your business during the hiring process, and take comfort in knowing that Orange Tree is a part of your team.

Ready to Get Started with Background Checks?

Orange Tree is committed to providing a fast and easy background screening experience for you and your candidates. Our goal is to extend the great relationship you’ve cultivated with your candidate to the background check.

Creating the best experience for your prospective candidate will help you attract and land top talent. Don’t settle for a background check experience that tarnishes your brand!

Want to learn more about how our team can be of service to your organization? Schedule a free consultation with us today.