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How To Help Candidates Achieve Flexibility

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The hiring process is drastically different than it was a few short years ago. As technology expands, candidates have new ways of connecting with employers. Similarly, businesses now have better methods to ensure the people they hire are right for the company. With so many options, it's important for employers to carefully craft their hiring process to find the best employees.

Meeting candidate needs

Today's job seeker craves two things: information and convenience. Thanks to mobile devices, candidates can research companies extensively before applying, and they take full advantage of the opportunity. According to The Rise of the Well-Informed Candidate, Manpower Group's recent candidate experience report, 27 percent of American job seekers had information about a prospective employer before submitting their application in 2016, up from 15 percent in 2015.

What's more, applicants can find this information any time they want. Smartphones allow them to research and apply for jobs anywhere they have an internet connection. Plus, according to Pew Research, smartphone adoption in America is the highest it's ever been. Thus, engaging and encouraging high-quality applicants means businesses need to be reachable in terms of both access and information.

That's why we at Orange Tree just launched CandidateConnect® , a mobile portal that engages applicants by providing transparency into the background screening process. CandidateConnect® allows applicants to submit information and observe the status of their background check in real-time via their tablet or smartphone. But the application does even more: Its ease of use also increases favor toward your business. Job seekers will have no problem connecting with and providing information for your HR department, and the application's convenience and intuitive interface makes it simple for them to do so. The increased transparency provides the information your candidates want, and the mobile access gives them the flexibility to connect with your business wherever they are.

CandidateConnect® provides convenience and flexibility.

Matching business culture

When it comes to recruiting, transparency is a two-way street. Not only does it satisfy the candidates' craving for information, but it also ensures those who do apply to your company are the right fit. These people believe your company values mirror their own and thus get excited about the idea of working for your business. Those who'd rather work for a company with different principles will keep looking.

Luckily, your business has the ability to personalize the CandidateConnect® portal, giving applicants a peek at your brand. You're able to incorporate your own logo and use text that matches your company culture, whether that's corporate or casual. 

Of course, not every applicant who imagines themselves an employer's perfect choice is actually the right one. That's where our background check expertise comes in. Our thorough, accredited screening process ensures you hire the best person for both the position and your company. We minimize your risk of selecting anyone who poses a danger to your business, your employees or your customers, and we also make certain your applicants are truly qualified for the job.

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