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What Your Background Check Tells the Candidate About You

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Your goal as the hiring manager is to find and hire the best candidates for your open positions. But have you considered how your candidates’ first experience with you may affect their decision to accept your offer over your competitor’s?

Your candidates’ experiences with their background check makes a strong statement about your business during the hiring process. You need to make sure every candidate receives the best experience possible so that you will land your ideal candidate every time.

In this post, we walk you through how one simple tool will help you achieve positive candidate experience.

Your Candidates’ Experiences Matter

According to CareerArc, 72% of surveyed job candidates said they would share a negative hiring experience either online or with someone directly.

Your candidates’ experiences include all the interactions they have with your business during the hiring process. Although background checks are conducted by an outside firm, they play an important role in shaping your candidates’ overall experiences and their perception of you.

Candidates faced with a lengthy hiring process and who feel that their time has not been respected are more likely to withdraw from consideration.

However, those with positive candidate experiences are more likely to accept the offer, reapply in the future, and refer others to you or your business.

Streamline Your Process

Wondering how to ensure a positive candidate experience and save valuable time during the background screening process?

CandidateConnect® is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly background check solution offered exclusively by Orange Tree. Developed with candidates and hiring managers in mind, this application adds simplicity and ease to your background screening process.

The best way to ensure positive candidate experience is to engage your candidates during every step of the hiring process. CandidateConnect® keeps candidates informed with timely alerts and ETAs sent directly to them through the application.

The average time-to-fill is 36 days. At Orange Tree, we understand you want to save as much time as you can during the screening process. With CandidateConnect®, you will reduce the time you spend responding to questions or e-mails from candidates. You will also trim nearly one day off your background screening process!

Use Mobile to Your Advantage

Your candidates primarily use their phones throughout the hiring process to search job boards, navigate job searches, and interact with you and other recruiters.

Orange Tree purposely developed CandidateConnect® as a mobile-friendly tool to help you provide your candidates with the best experience during the background screening process.

Here are some of the exciting mobile features included in CandidateConnect®:

  • E-signature
  • Real-time updates and progress tracking
  • Single order background screen and drug test
  • Mobile ready, upload and download documents
  • Alerts to indicate missing information
  • Customized communication by text or email
  • Candidates contact Orange Tree for support

Build Brand Recognition

CandidateConnect® enables you to display your logo on the welcome screen, presenting a professional and organized front to your prospective employees.

Your candidates will feel connected to your business during the hiring process, and take comfort in knowing that Orange Tree is a part of your team as well.

Our Commitment to Candidate Experience

Orange Tree is committed to providing a fast and easy background screening experience for your candidates. Our goal is to extend the great relationship you’ve cultivated with your candidate to the background screening process.

Creating the best possible experience for your prospective candidates will help you attract and land top talent. Don’t settle for a background check experience that tarnishes your brand!

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